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    Sheamus out 4 -6 months! has an article explaining that Sheamus is injured as a result of the fall through the ladder in the Money in the Bank match. 4 -6 months is a long time and I got to thinking about his return, is this the perfect opportunity to have Sheamus return as a monster heel again?

    When he first debuted I was so excited, partly 'cos I'm also ginger and Irish (Irish blood at least), and the way he laid waste to all around him was awesome. His face run has been boring to say the least and, for me at least, everything about him screams heel.

    So, it sucks that he's out (get well soon Sheamus), what do you think should happen when he returns?
    (Oh yeah, 6 months is The Rumble!)

    Divas to believe in.

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    EWN reported this pretty late. It was on WWE for many hours and I was hoping EWN would have reported on the topic in a timely fashion after WWE found out. With Sheamus being out of the WWE for six months; there are many contenders that are able to step into the WHC picture; being Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Ricardo Rodriquez (He will probably be in action after his feud with ADR) and Christian. With that being said, Sheamus might win the Royal Rumble and contend for the WHC at Wrestlemania 30.

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    I feel a bit guilty about this, as it makes me happy to have a break from the most boring person in WWE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
    I feel a bit guilty about this, as it makes me happy to have a break from the most boring person in WWE.
    Alberto's not the one injured, m8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    Alberto's not the one injured, m8.
    Del Rio has had a decent heel run as of late, but im sure creative feels the only way to keep him relevant is to keep the strap on him...he definitely has some pull backstage.

    As far as Shameus much as I respect his in ring ability he's never really controlled a feud in his face run. He's stale because he tries to get away with this sarcastic PG humor and the adult demo gets after him in crowds, and the few kids there aren't going to cheer against outspoken smarks. I will say the one thing he has going for him is his look...ppl who casually watch know him just because of his look.

    Im glad he'll be off TV for a while...but he won't win anything (including the rumble) if the crowd isn't behind him..WWE is finally learning not to do that witb their "heroes"
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    This could be a good thing for him really, could help him get his edge back with a big return

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    Awful news

    You just know he'll be back in time for the Royal Rumble ;_;
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    Sheamus will win the Royal Rumble, just like Edge (and that other guy in the WWE who has as many wrestling moves as Tito ortiz has in TNA)

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    Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan at WM30 and lose in 18 seconds

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    heel return at Royal Rumble

    Quote Originally Posted by Rampage3:16 View Post
    Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan at WM30 and lose in 18 seconds
    Brilliant !
    Respect the beard !


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