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    Predictions for Smackdown vs Raw 2012

    here's my predictions for the roster of this year's thq smackdown vs raw 2012 game, later on I will talk on other changes they most likely will make on the game.

    this is merely a prediction based on the status wwe is at the moment, of course many of these following individuals wont make it in but nontheless feel free to debate my predictions
    Sheamus ( king of the ring entrance )
    Randy Orton
    R truth
    Cm punk ( new nexus style )
    John cena ( purple Attire )
    Triple H ( Raw gm in in game storylines )
    Daniel bryan
    The Great Khali
    Chris jericho ( if he returns )
    Richie Steamboat ( i predict this kid on fcw will make his debut on wwe before summerslam, the time thq starts making the roster for the game )
    Johnny curtis ( if he wins nxt season 4 )
    Derrick bateman ( if he wins nxt season 4 )
    Ted dibiase jr
    John morrison ( i predict a sudden boost on is overall probably a 89 overall for him this year )
    The Miz ( champion suit & tie attire his overall will probably be around 92 up from 89 from last year's 2011 since the miz became wwe champ )
    Alex riley
    Yoshi tatsu
    Mark Henry
    Jimmy & Jey Uso
    Vladimir kozlov
    Evan Bourne
    Zack ryder
    Darren Young
    Michael tarver
    William Regal
    tyson Kidd ( new black and white attire and heel turn )
    DH Smith ( new white attire )
    Husky Harris
    David Otunga ( new nexus attire )
    Michael mcguillicuty
    Mason Ryan
    Skip sheffield ( if he does return i predict it will be on Raw and his overall is well likely to be slightly above the 85 mark)

    Chavo guerrero
    Justin Gabriel ( corre attire )
    Ezekiel Jackson ( corre attire and heel turn )
    Heath slater
    Alberto Del rio ( his overrall will be pretty high up to 93 or so )
    Dolph ziggler ( he will get a huge boost on his overall from higher 80's to low 90's dolph ziggler will stay at probably 91 )
    Jack Swagger ( his overall will probably stay the same but there's possibilities it may drop a little )
    kofi Kingston ( with high chances of having a better overall at probably 89 )
    Wade Barrett ( new corre attire and a main influence in storylines his overall will most likely be 90 or up untill 93 )
    Kane ( perhaps a small boost on his overall )
    Rey mysterio
    Tyler reks
    Chris masters ( overall at probably 85 )
    Brodus clay ( if he wins nxt 4 )
    Big show
    Cody rhodes ( gimmick will be different with possible attire being different aswell his overall will be higher maybe 87 )
    Drew ( possible 87 overall or 88 )
    Curt Hawkins
    Trent Barretta
    Booker T ( unlockable through some sort of event he is a free agent thought )
    JTG ( if he's still there which i doubt..)

    Maryse ( maybe her overall will decrease one level, but u never know..)
    Raquel Diaz ( aka shaul guerrero )
    Melina ( heel turn )
    Natalya ( overall higher this year)
    eve ( her overall will get also a huge increasement )
    Gail kim
    Awesome kong ( highest overall in diva's devision ever in a svr game probably at 87 )
    Naomi ( if they decide to put her in the roster instead of playing dark matches )
    AJ lee ( if wwe decides to put her on the diva's devision once and for all, she may after making a brief appearence at nxt season 4 "guess what price this wwe shop article costs" )
    Maxinne ( doubt she can make it in but i would love to )

    Legend's Roster
    Bret Hart and British Bulldog ( perhaps again only available through DLC package)
    shawn michaels
    Macho man randy savage
    Stone cold
    The rock
    Rick Rude
    Roddy pipper
    eddie guerrero ( possible but i doubt )
    Jake the snake roberts
    Jimmy snuka
    Dusty Rhodes
    Ted dibiase sr
    ricky the dragon steamboat
    Junkyard dog
    Brutus Beefcake
    Bid Daddy cool Diesel
    Trish stratus
    Jerry Lalwer
    Mr mcmahon

    I believe this next year thq will make a hell of a improvement in the realm of the wwe experience by adding a much more complex wwe manager's mode
    what will happen is as follow, several managers will have the chance to play as either heels or faces they most likely have cutscenes that will appear everytime to cpu or the player decides for the manager to interfere in the match to distract the ref or do something to the opponent he is maneging to cost him/her the match
    the managers i predict will have cutscenes of their own are these:
    Ricardo Rodriguez ( heel manager and ADR's in ring announcer for adr's entrance "non playable character inside the ring only as a manager" )
    Paul Bearer ( if the wwe desires to still add him which i doubt heels manager )
    Honrswoggle ( his cutcenes wont be like most managers he will help the good guy he is maneging by appearing from under the ring and distract the oponnent " he is non playable thought, he will come out only if the cpu or player allows him to)
    Rajin Singh ( face manager of the great khali his management skills will be default like any other character u chose to be a manager )
    Vickie guerrero ( major heel manager of dolph ziggler "if they are still together" she will have her own cutscenes during the match as a manager and besides she will finally make a impact with alot of storylines in the game season mode )

    Gameplay: The controls will change but not much this year, i predict we will see some changes on the pinning system and perhaps an ability to grab the ropes while being submited to a pinning position, instead of the retarded rope break pop up message that we get whenever we pin our oponent next to the ropes, now we can grab the ropes with a full o meter system the easiest one for most players.
    We will see the cpu countering less times and a possible change in the climbing steel cage system aswell as the grabbing belt from top of the ladder system.

    WWE universe mode? Will there be it? unfortunently yes but with alot more cutcenes to make it less repetitive and with less face and heel turns that will makes us say WTF?
    Road to wrestlemania mode will probably be renamed into something like "WWE Storyline mode" where now u play through an entire year like in the wwe smackdown vs raw 2005 game which wasnt called svr 2005 just "smackdown vs raw"
    However we will get only 5 playable different storylines each with a different individual my picks are
    Randy Orton
    John Cena
    Alberto Del rio
    with a extra storyline mode which will be open for any created wrestler u have.
    The referees in this game will play more different roles, everytime u or ur foe is locked on a submission situation the referee will actually get closer to u and ask u if u want to quit or not, obviously u cant choose yes or no u just have to get out of the hole, the ref will just be heard asking u, the voice of ur superstar wont be heard bcuz thq would need to make alot of different recordings of every wwe superstar for that specific mode...
    The ref will stay more time in the mat if he gets knocked down " THE WAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE "
    The ref will try to seperate u on a turnbuckle mode thq will add which will be called "turnbuckle agression, where u will be able to punch kick or elbow strike ur oponnent rapidly, the ref will then count up to 5 he u push him away when he tried to seperate u from hitting ur oponent"
    Fighting into the crowd is possible again, now u can climb up to the 3rd floor of the stadium with the possibility to go to the backstage area ( only possible in falls count anywhere matches )
    The available belts to put on the line are the diva's championship, wwe unified tag team championships ( with a different look like the ones santino and kozlov have bcuz on svr 2011 they are just one wwe tag team championship and one world tag team championship ) ic tittle, us tittle, world heavyweight and wwe tittles, they can be put on the line only at wwe universe mode again, in normal exhibition u cant put the tittle on the line.
    the alternate tittles u can unlock but which will only be available to collect and to not put on the line unfortunently will be the womens tittle, the cruiserweight tittle, the hardcore tittle the million dollar tittle, the wcw tittle and the ecw tittle.
    wwe creations mode specially on the create a move option will have even LESS moves to choose from, but the good news is thq will now leave the move's up to u, that's right, we will have to new create a move options one is called "create a grapple move" the other one is "create a ground finisher move" which is the very last position that needs a finishing move to be created upon..
    The game will probably have like 50 spots for the create a grapple move option, free to store and then use on any superstar or created superstar that u desire.
    Hell in a cell will once again change, the door will be placed once again in the cell instead of just throwing ur oponent through the cell steel wall which just sounds absurd.
    The amount of weapons available below the ring will be: Trash can, chair, ladder, table, kendo stick, shovel, sledgehammer.
    Those will only appear below the ring in falls count anywhere matches thought
    in individual matches u can only use chairs and sledgehammers.
    The rinb bell will always stay in use next to where tony chimmel or justin roberts is sitting.
    On tlc matches only ladders chairs and tables are allowed.
    In the backstage area u can see trash cans, chairs, tables, fire extinguishers, shovels, baseball bats and camera's
    Tv camera men will serround the ring during the match, letting the player watch the match in 5 different angles ( only when the player is not using any superstar during the match "which sucks but it will be improved during the upcoming years ) when the player is playing he can steal the camera from the camera man and hit it on ur oponent, u can do this if u have dq on or not, obviously if ur dq is on u will be disqualified since a camera is considered a weapon too"
    These are all the predictions i have for this year's smackdown vs raw 2012 game, give me ur thoughts on what u think it will be added.


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