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  • Harris/Roode vs Gunner/Storm - Jealous Former Tagteam Champs

    1 5.00%
  • Shelley vs Sabin - Whos better now?

    12 60.00%
  • Jesse vs Ion - Revenge

    4 20.00%
  • Kong vs Gail vs Mickie - Whos the top knockout?

    4 20.00%
  • DOC vs Anderson - Family betrayl

    4 20.00%
  • Doug Williams vs Magnus Best of British

    6 30.00%
  • Homicide/Chavo vs Hernandez - Turn on him before he turns on you

    1 5.00%
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    Wrestling is full of feuds involving a returning superstar who wants to reignite an old feud with a former rival and/or partner. Normally the returning superstar was either injured or released and the feud is done as it is and nice easy launch back into the company and the audience instantly react as its got prior history

    My question for you, out of these feuds which include a returning wrestler and a current wrestler, which would interest you the most?

    1 - Chris Harris (Returning)/Bobby Roode vs James Storm/Gunner
    Basic summary - Harris/Roode unite as former championship partners of Storm, first trying to convince Gunner that eventually Storm will leave him too but also jealous trying to prove THEY were the strongest part of the partnerships. Notable events, a triple threat match (Roode/Harris/Gunner with Storm as ref, Roode/Harris coming to the ring wearing Beer Money/AMW attires)

    2 - Alex Shelley (Returning) vs Chris Sabin
    Basic summary - Shelley returns saying when he left he/Sabin were equals and were the best tag team in TNA but since leaving he has concentrated on himself and is now better than Sabin and so deserves a TNA Title Shot. Notable events, constant blurring of Heel/Competitive Friend Alex Shelley, Several non title wins over Sabin

    3 - Jesse Sorensen (Returning) vs Zema Ion
    Basic summary - Very simple, Jesse returns saying TNA didn't want him to risk his life by returning to the ring but he cant move on until he gets revenge on the guy who nearly ended his career. Notable events, promo saying everyone from TNA visited him in hospital EXCEPT Ion, Zema Ion constantly going for the same move that injured Jesse, Jesse doing the move that Ion did to him, Zema appearing to turn face by saying he didn't visit due to guilt only to try to break Jesses neck again

    4 - Awesome Kong (Returning) vs Gail Kim vs Mickie James
    Basic summary - Awesome Kong returns during a knockout main event match, taking out Gail/Terrell/Mickie and Velvet. Promo saying she left looking for new challenges but has been watching the knockouts show that they are the true challenges. Notable events, knockout main events such as ladder matches, last knockout standing, cage and first blood

    5 - D.O.C (Returning) vs Anderson
    Basic summary - Anderson is in semi-finals against Samoa Joe when a returning DOC distracts him leading to Joe getting the submission victory (AJ defeats Magnus in other semi with the story being will it be a main event mafia final). DOC then says that when he joined up with A&Es he was promised a family and that he would never 'walk alone' and yet first his brothers voted him out of being Vice President and then when TNA let him go his 'brothers' did nothing about it. Notable moments, A&Es trying to convince him to rejoin, teasing joining MEM, wins over all members of A&Es leading to Anderson vs DOC at BFG.

    6 - Doug Williams(Returning) vs Magnus
    Basic summary - Simple student vs teacher feud. Doug claims Magnus learnt everything from him and then tossed him aside. Notable events, a 'Best of British' 5 match series involving british bar brawl, submission etc

    7 - Homicide (Returning) and Chavo vs Hernandez
    Basic summary - similar to the Harris feud, Homicide returns saying for such a strong, athletic big man Hernandez sure likes to be involved in tag teams and get others to do most of the work. Eventually convinces Chavo to turn on Hernandez. Notable moments, Anarchia returns for a promo also saying he felt used teaming with Hernandez, Handicap match of Chavo/Homicide vs Hernandez, Chavo/Homicide win tag titles when Hernandez thinks its him/Chavo but Homicide is revealed as Chavos partner

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    2, 5 and 7 would work if homicide was paired with Hernandez , but other then that non of them would work as Zema is also out for an uncertain time, They had Chris Harris pair with Matt Hardy vs Beer Money 2 years ago, Doug Williams feud with Magnus would bring Magnus down from Upper Mid Card to mid card, but I wouldnt have Alex Shelley beat Sabin you could have him return and they can do Team 3d vs MCMG then have Shelley turn on Sabin.

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    DOC vs Anderson
    Respect the beard !

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    Doc/Anderson; couldv'e been an excellent feud.

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    Shelley vs Sabin EASILY wins this. that's a feud that would have any wrestling fan licking his lips at. Potentially awesome matches, and storytelling.

    I also voted for Doug Williams vs Magnus, mainly to get Williams back on tv, but also because again of the potentially good matches, and I also voted for the KO's one.
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    I went with Williams and Magnus, mainly because I think they're the most deserving of a higher profile. I also think the resultant matches would be gold.

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    I have voted for Shelly vs Sabin...I would have picked #1 but after seeing Chris Harris' shape when he teamed up with Matt I have opted it out...If Harris is in good shape then, I might have voted for that option...that would be great for nostalgic reasons...

    Homicide (returning) would work again for the same nostalgia...

    Doc n Anderson will be a good match but not a very big storied rivalry...I feel this for sure will happen and I do not think Doc is gone from TNA..they cannot let him go out..he's getting very good fan reactions n is an amazing talent...

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    Went for Doc vs Anderson and Sorensen vs Ion battle of the crocks

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    TNA should make a PPV of this event; would be an interested development.

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