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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel Lion View Post
    1. Samoan Swat Team (yes' I'm old & I loved these guys as a kid)
    2. The Rock
    3. Umaga
    4. Samoa Joe
    5. Yokozuna

    I also love what Roman Reigns is doing right now & the potential I see in him.

    So did I!! He was definitely my favorite wrestler in the WWF during his run.

    Haku was a big-time badass & would've actually been #3 on my list if it weren't for the fact that he's Tongan (Tongan Death Grip).
    The SST never actually went by that name in WWE. I loved their initial run as SST before WWE and I feel they were watered down as The Headshrinkers. Of course, this is where we got the ever expanding Rikishi from.
    I loved The Wild Samoans because they were so scary in the kayfabe days. The fact that they didn't talk and would eat whole raw fish in interviews was just great.
    Umaga was great too, a big loss.
    The Islanders were pretty lame but later Haku/King Tonga/Meng became pretty good.
    I loved The Barbarian although I admit, he wasn't much chop.


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