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    The funniest thing was standard library sound effects. That splash sound. Lol.

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    Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

    This has been one of the most entertaining feuds of the year, and it has the potential to be even better, the way i would play it going into Summer Slam is...

    Tonight on Raw:
    Del Rio has a really hard match and gets beat and again Sandow comes down to try cash in for Cody Rhodes only to stop him yet again... this frustrates Sandow which in a state of rage puts the brief case on the line at Summer Slam in their match.

    Cody Rhodes has a match with Del Rio (or a big Heel) with Damien Sandow Sitting at ring side, during the match Sandow hits Cody across the head with the brief case when the ref is distracted, and Del Rio gets the roll up victory, Sandow comes in the ring to attack Cody when BAM Cody reverses what ever Sandow was gonna do and hits the cross Rhodes, Sandow Rolls out the ring and Cody is standing in the ring holding the new improved MITB Briefcase high above his head then throws it at Sandow who is shouting at him from the ramp.

    Summer Slam:
    the First match of the night would be Christian Vs Del Rio For the World Heavyweight Title, a 15-20 minute bout which eventually ends up in Christian hitting the kill switch and the 1-2-3... all of a sudden... the lights go off... they go back on to Christian up in the air for the treble power bomb from The Shield... cue Sandows entrance... down runs Sandow with a Ref... Boom 1-2-3... We have a New World Heavyweight Champion Again

    Later that night:
    Damien Sandow is all washed up, suited and booted and heading out the building when Vickie Guerrero stops him and asks him where he thinks he is going and he replies that he is done for the night and is heading out to celebrate his victory and becoming new World Heavyweight Champion when she says that he is not going anywhere because he has a match with Cody Rhodes and because there is no brief case to be put on the line the World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs Sandow goes away in the huff to get ready for his match

    The Match:
    it should be a high paced action packed match with Cody showing the resilience and heart that he showed in the MITB ladder match and kicks out of everything Sandow throws at him, eventually Rhodes turns the tables after 15 minutes of pure domination from Damien and after 5 - 10 minutes hits the Cross Rhodes and goes in for the pin 1-2- kick out, Cody is shocked Damien gets up and eats a Disaster Kick, Rhodes Picks him up hits the Cross Rhodes one more time 1-2-3 we have a NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION (and the 4th world champion in the same night)

    then to close the show super cena vs goat face bryan with a new wwe champion at the end of it as well

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    I too hope Cody comes out of Summer Slam with the WHC title but rather think it will follow a Cody win of the briefcase earlier in the night and a cash in on a newly crowned Christian...

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