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    I have always wondered where some of the news comes from on this site. Sure the official WWE site has its little news reports that are then posted on here, but what about the backstage reports. Is there like some guy that acts like a fly on the wall and just sends everything he sees to dirtsheet websites.

    For example orton and reigns having an argument and vince wanting to punish them and HHH not liking that idea.
    Was a guy backstage taking it all and like wow I gotta send this report to

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    You have to remember that it takes a lot of employes to do that big of a production. The more people you have, the higher the chance of them talking. But this isn't the only site that gets these 'news articles.'

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    they send the article to one or two sites, and then a thousand other sites copy/paste it.

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    In several case or many there are fans in many cities who send in reports... Esp Raw,Smackdown, Impact tapings... Then as said above most likely someone from each company in production or someone send out press releases.....
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