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    How did Brad Maddox leapfrog David Bowtunga?

    Just wondering why WWE had the perfect slimey GM's assistant, who was a tried and tested heel and passed him up for a younger, skinner, less skilled (imho), white version of the same style of character?

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    Maddox has the awkward presence and ability to get his strings pulled like a puppet that Otunga does not have. If it would have been Otunga in the same current story, it wouldn't have made sense for him to go with anybody but the heel (Vince) because that is the role that David Otunga plays. Maddox's gimmick is that he is naive, and has no idea how to run MNR, Otunga could not be presented the same way without it not making sense.

    And if we are to disregard the current storyline/plans of WWE, then we would have went from Vickie, a general manager with nuclear heat, to Otunga, a general manager with nuclear heat, leaving the casual WWE universe without something managerial to cheer for until HHH shows up every week to bash him, pedigree him, bury his quality of work, etc.

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    I don't even remember of David Otunga.
    Respect the beard !

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    Otunga is being kept off TV and given PR work to do, probably because of his famous wife and the fact he sucks. Not that Brad Maddox is any better, I don't buy the whole slightly awkward gimmick, especially when the genuine awkwardness shines through. He's not any good on the mic, we never get to see him wrestle, so the only thing going for him is he perfectly fits Vince's idea of the GM the Wooniverse deserves (ie. a bad one).

    Divas to believe in.

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    I'm sure there was a dirt sheet report that Vince thought he was too handsome NOT to put on TV. Sounds like he's being pushed as a Vince man crush.
    Plus, the only reason Vickie was removed from Raw, was to being a teddy vs Booker storyline. Otunga has started doing more PR work than anything.

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    I guess that if Otunga were the case, he would have drawn some nuclear heat. After his schtick with Laurenaitis, the WWE Universe will probably be dead sick about this fly.

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    My best guess as to why Maddox leapfrogged Otunga is because Maddox actually has a personality.

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    Maddox is significantly more charismatic than Otunga.

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    Because nobody cares about Otunga.

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    i think david is injured and how do you write a forum??????????


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