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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    uh...Suicide died a few weeks ago
    ^This. Hogan killed him when he bought TJ Perkins out and had AA unmask. Now we all know Manik is TJ Perkins where as before I don't think anyone was ever confirmed as being Suicide.

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    Bottom line, the whole Suicide-Manik transition makes no sense & serves no purpose. It is just one of a variable cornucopia of TNA ideas with good intentions & possibility being executed horribly, to the point of non-relevance.
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    So, basically, TNA's version of Tiger Mask? I don't think American wrestling fans care enough about tradition for something like that to work here. Many have grown bored of the character within months, so to think it could last for years is being naive.

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    Oh you mean Manik. He is an amazing superstar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    A Suicide that never resulted in death?

    Changes the whole definition of the word!!

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    I wish TNA would let T.J. Perkins be T.J. Perkins, saw him in ROH & was highly impressed with his athletism. Too many people have played Suicide already, from Christopher Daniels to Kazarian now T.J.. I think if given a chance to show off his skill T.J. Perkins could be the next A.J. Styles.....nah not really!!


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