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    Wink Complain about Cena here.

    For the life of me, I can't work out just why John Cena has generated so much hatred from fans. I'm not a huge Cena fan, but I don't mind the guy. And sure, not everybody has to like the same things, but this anti-Cena thing has me baffled, so I will address certain points that seem to raise ire;

    A)The Limited Move Set - Sure, it's true, Cena's working with the same limited combos lately. Sure, watching the same thing gets boring. But I'm someone who grew up watching Hulk Hogan - and not the 'cool' NWO Hollywood version. Cena has nothing on Hogan circa 1986. So you know, same old same old.

    B)Overexposure - Yep, we see Cena week in, week out, without fail. At the start of Raw, in the main event and often in vignettes in between. AND he works house shows. AND PPV's. Oh and don't forget all the promo work he does - interviews, meet & greets etc.

    C)SuperCena - the invincible superman who triumphs against the odds no matter what. *Yawn*

    All valid enough points to garner loathing and dislike, I must admit. But I can't help myself from thinking - man, don't hate the player, hate the game. It's WWE that is largely responsible for ALL of these things. And the above points are all inextricably tied in together.
    See, I'm sure that WWE makes a LOT of money off Cena - and the best way to maximise that product is to put it out there. It's no coincidence that he's everywhere, he uses the same 3-5 moves all match and is put over in a constant push. If WWE needs him to say, tour China doing 2-3 house shows, interviews etc, appear on Raw and still be fit for PPV's of course they will instruct him not to do anything too injurious and not overwork himself. Hence, the short and predictable matches you see every week. He's great on the mic, at least I think so, so as in any job where you might show a particular flair, your employer, if they're smart will take advantage of the employees best attributes.

    Anyway, my thinking is, if you really, really don't like John Cena, then your only option is to stop watching WWE altogether, because he's going to be there and be a top guy for a really long time from now. There's no escaping it. Sure, go ahead and complain about him if it really bothers you so much but understand one thing - repeating "I hope John Cena goes away" a million times and clicking your heels together ain't gonna make it happen! I wish Hogan and Flair would go away but I don't waste my time posting about it over and over again. I already said it once and unless I have something to ADD to the point, then it's just a waste of everybody's time really.

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