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  • feud with ambrose,barrett,sheamus, or fandango

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  • tag team with someone

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  • captain chrisma

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  • turn heel

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  • go back to TNA or go to ROH

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Thread: Christain

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    Christian to me hit his peak of potential just after he was suddenly "on his own" as a singles competitor...had better pyro too...not that he is not interesting now per se just one of the "old guard" so t to speak with naught much to do but what he is asked and put over younger talent and draw that crowd that "remembers when..." This is not a knock on his talent or abilities he just comes off as a little old and tired to me while transversely someone like Jericho has only gotten better with age...and even if he is relegated to a similar role not as worn out to me.

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    Christian does need to be in the main event scene since he doesn't have that many years ahead of him. We all know that he can deliver the best matches with many wrestlers. He just needs a wave of momentum. That way, we will have another moment of him winning a major title, just like how he won the WHC for the first time.

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    Christian was a beast in tna. He was prime time when he went there facing the like of sting, kurt angle, jeff jarrett, aj styles, and abyss. In the wwe he has always been in edge's shadow and even when he won his first world title in the wwe it was because the wwe wanted to capitalize on edge's sudden retirement.The instant classic beats captain charisma every time. Go back to Tna.There is nothing wrong with.

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    Christian needs to rebuild a character. Big time. Captain Charisma needs to return. Make it happen.
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