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    Paul Heyman managing Daniel Bryan?

    I have two very different predictions heading into Summerslam. One has Axel screwing Bryan, leading to a feud between the two. And eventually in the long-run having Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble to face Cena at Wrestlemania. But had this theory which is quite different. Which involves Bryan turning heel.

    Okay this is a long-stretch but with Heyman turning on Punk, I can see somehow Bryan aliging himself with Heyman if WWE wants to turn Bryan heel then giving him Heyman would be amazing. Think about it, you have Paul Heyman manage Punk's best friend. It could lead to another great feud between both Punk, and Bryan. But it could be a lot more emotional. I know right you have both Lesnar and Axel involved but that could easily be fixed. Have Axel come out and attack Cena at Summerslam, which would lead to a bryan win. In the coming weeks, have Heyman come out with Bryan, and have him call Bryan the original "best in the world." You can turn Bryan more serious, and have him win his matches more viciously. Eventually leading to a feud with Punk. And make it a long one. As for Lesnar he can go on to feud with someone like Ryback to prove he's a better monster. It would give Lesnar something to do until Rock or Taker comes back.

    But for right now, I can see a great feud, and big money in a Daniel Bryan w/ Heyman Vs Punk feud. Thoughts?

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    Personally, Not needed for me.

    Bryan is over as can be right now and I don't think he needs Heyman. However, in terms of the feud you are talking about, I guess it would be cool and would make it even more personal should they feud.

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    Bryan is prob the most over wrestler right now in the biz. I wouldn't do anything at the moment to change anything about him. Maybe in the future if he becomes stale, but that's IF.

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    I don't want to see Heyman managing Bryan. Bryan is the most over guy in the company, why upset that apple cart?
    Plus I'd rather see Heyman sticking with Curtis Axel for a prolonged period of time.

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    No please ... I am a Heyman fan but between Axel and Lesnar he gets more then enough time on TV. Then if he adds DB to the mix way to much Heyman for me ... besides DB doesn't need him. This guy is so hot with the fans right now he is doing just fine on his own.

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    Heyman adds nothing to Bryan. There's not a lot of guys you can say that for.

    Heyman has appeared in NXT and storyline suggests he's looking for someone down there to be the next "Paul Heyman guy".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Heyman has appeared in NXT and storyline suggests he's looking for someone down there to be the next "Paul Heyman guy".
    Bo Dallas ?
    Respect the beard !

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Bo Dallas ?
    In a perfect world....

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    I'd rather see Heyman manage Cesaro. He's big like Brock and excellent in the ring. He's perfect.

    As far as Bryan? Maybe If he was new.

    Heyman should pick up Ohno.
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    Yes, Ohno would be a great pick !
    Respect the beard !


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