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    Rate Summerslam 2010

    What would you give Summerslam out of 10? Plus what was the best match of the PPV and rate that out of 10.
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    It had all the right outcomes in every match including both DQs which served to push NXS even further as this bunch that can do what they want and continue the Orton/Sheamus feud. The SES/Show match was a bit of fun nothing more. Kane/Rey was better than average and it included Takers return. No one does a better return than Taker. The action was good-great in the 7 vs 7 and Daniel Bryan returning rocked balls but they fucked it up letting Cena once again be the hero. NXS should have won to elevate them even further. The ending of the event stops it from getting an 8 of me so il go with a 7 1/2!!!

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    Not as bad as i thought it was gonna be, but to let Cena get the win AGAIN is getting predictable now, its time to change angle WWE very soon.

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    WHAT THE F*CK ?! Why did team WWE & SuperCena won ?!
    Anyways pretty good PPV, but Main Event really ruined everything. NEXUS win would be awesome, and I would love to see this stable go till Wrestlemania...
    I am hovewer interested into feuds between Danielson/Miz and UT/Kane

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    i agree with all that has been said but i would like to see one thing:
    when miz came out to do his promo about the spot on team wwe evan bourne shoud've came out and chalenged miz for the us title and going on to win it i think he deserves it

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    i give summerslam a 7, and the best match was sheamus and orton, didnt like the ending but can understand why they did it

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    i would give it a 5, a 2 if it wasnt for the main event, i think it was boring, daniel bryan is awsome, and look forward to seeing him win the us title from miz after hopefully a decent feud

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    also undertaker come back was god awful

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    i will give it a 5 and that is being kind. I agree with the above poster the undertaker return was awful, The diva'smatch was terrible and super cena won again.

    It got a 5 for daniel bryan and orton sheamus match which was good until the end. amazing jack swagger vid .

    currently marking for :

    jack swagger
    the miz
    wade barrett

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    Summerslam was great! I would've liked to see a clear winner from Kofi/Ziggler, but I understand the DQ. I wish they would let Sheamus actully pin a top reated superstar but it's good the belt was kept on him. 7 on 7 was exciting and I'm okay with the ending. There was no way Edge and Jericho were not going to let their heel sides out. Cena sole surviving may be predictable but it was needed. He finally gets one up on Nexus but they still get their pusk. Did anyone really think they were going to win? I am getting sick of guys like Morrison and Truth jobbing but it can work to build individual feuds. Still, it was good stuff. I give it an 8/


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