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    Official IWA: The VIP Pass Thread

    This is the thread that we use for the VIP Pass. Please only post segments, promos or interviews in here. All feedback can go in the IWA thread.

    I'll post a daily update of small fun little bits, plus my own segments when I do them.

    If you've sent me a segment for this, don't worry, I'll post them by the end of Raw, along with the daily updates for today.

    This is obviously something a bit different but look at it as me offering you all a blank canvas to help your character in the way you want to.

    Right- so feel free to post everything VIP Pass related!

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    The camera's come in, as we see Chris Divine sitting behind a table. All around him are fans, as we see other superstars at other tables signing things. Chris has a long line in front of his table, as he sits there, smiling. There seems to be a man sitting beside him, recording him. Divine signs one of his shirts for a fan, as he smiles, letting the kid walk off. Before Divine waves on the next person, he looks at the man.

    Divine: So many of you are probably wondering what in the world Divine is doing right now. Well Divine figured since he is over seas, in the great country of England!

    The fans all in attendance cheer, as Divine just smiles.

    Divine: Divine figured he'd do a video diary and upload it to youtube each day as we draw closer to Destined for Immortality II. Now see, this whole time leading up, is called the VIP Pass. It gives the fans a chance to really immerse themselves in the wrestling experience. From autograph signings, to video game tournaments, to open panels, to even some pre ppv matches, it's all about building up the hype that is IWA's biggest show of the year. Now see, normally Divine wouldn't do something like this, but in this instance, the Divine One thought it would be best, and here is why. First, we are over seas, and for anyone who has seen Divine in the ring, knows that anyone not from America, kind of hates Divine. From frenchies, to italiano's like Angelo and Rizzo, to jumping spaniards like Holy Jose, Divine hasn't had the most love from people outside of America. So Divine figured this would be a good way to keep proof...incase you know..Divine gets jumped or something.

    Divine waves on the next person. A young babe, wearing a sexy outfit comes up.

    Babe: Oh Chris! I'm so glad I get to finally meet you! Last year when you guys were here, you weren't featured, so I missed you!

    Divine: Aw that's too sweet of you. So what can Divine sign for you? Those two balloons right there?

    The girl seems almost offended, until she looks beside her and remembers she is carrying two red balloons.

    Babe: Oh no! I have this Jason Alexander shirt I was hoping you could sign. I'm getting as many people to sign it as possible. I'm Jason's #1 fan!

    Divine just smiles, as he signs the shirt.

    Divine: Thanks for coming!

    The girl walks off, as Divine turns to the camera.

    Divine: Oh god...Divine hates people like that. Seriously, you come to Divine's table to get him to sign another superstars shirt? And a Jason Alexander shirt? Come about an over rated chumpette!

    Divine just grins at the camera, as he waves another person forward. This time, an older gentlemen walks forward.

    Divine: Well hey there gramps, what can Divine sign for you today?

    Old Man: Gramps? What can you sign for me? I didn't serve in the french army to be treated like this!

    Divine: Wo wo, hold on there chief. Divine doesn't want you to break a hip, Divine was just messing. Seriously though, what can Divine sign for you today.

    Old Man: I have a picture of Sagittarius Blue. Considering the fact you loss to him last year, I was hoping you'd sign that.

    Divine: Oh sure, Divine would love to sign a picture of a two bit, washed out, undependable chumperino. Hand it on over junior!

    The old man seems hesistant, as Divine grabs the picture from the fan. Divine signs it, and then proceeds to draw devil horns, horn rimmed glasses, and a goattee on the picture of Sagittarius Blue. Divine hands it back to the man, grinning.

    Old Man: What the hell!? Why i otta...

    Security immediately comes out of nowhere, escorting the old man off. Divine turns back to the video diary.

    Divine: Now Divine is sure some of you might be thinking now "Divine, you are such a jackass, why would you do that to that old man?" Did you hear him? Divine means...come on. The guy is going on about the french army like it's some big deal. And then he gets all pissy about Divine joking with it, and the cherry of the shit cake sundae, was the picture. That would be like giving Jman a picture of Kyojin, or Kyojin one of Smyth. Some might not like Divine's humor, but Divine knows others love it.

    Divine waves on the next person, as an extremely over weight man walks up. His belly button is sticking out from the bottom of his shirt, his arm pits have green stains, and flies seem to be circling around him.

    Smelly Man: Oh! Oh! Everybody watch's the Divine One.

    Divine looks at the guy ffor a second.

    Smelly Man: Seriously dude, when are you going to drop the third person shtick. It's getting old. Older than Ma$$Dinero never shutting up, older than Kyojin always in the title scene, and older than Bennytheball being popular. All of those things, along with your "gimmick" need to drop dead.

    Divine just continues to sit there, staring at the smelly guy.

    Smelly Man": Anyways, I have come here with my limited edition, never been opened package of IWA Series 3 wrestlers. You'll see Mr Smyth, Darius, and Mr Black are all in there. Do you know who isn't, who hasn't been, and who will never be featured as a childrens toy? You, chump. So why don't you let me take a picture with you, and then you can sign that so I can move on to someone more worthwhile.

    Divine stands up, looking at the man.

    Divine: Sure Sir Smells Alot, come on over and get a picture with Divine.

    The man waddles over beside Divine, and makes a muscular pose. It takes all Divine has to stiffen his laugh, as the flash goes off. The man walks back around, handing Divine his package. Divine pulls out a sharpy, looking at the man.

    Divine: Do you know what Divine does to cynical assholes who don't know their place? Divine puts them in their place. This right here, this is your prize possession? Well Divine knows what happens when you open something like this.

    Divine takes the package, and slowly opens it halfway. The smelly man begins to squirm, trying to take the package back. Divine grins, as he rips it completely open. Divine then proceeds to sign the plastic cover, as he hands it back to the man.

    Divine: Now get your mold infested, wings made from fat flaps, flies that will soon mutate into dangerous insects, ass, and get to stepping.

    The smelly man is crying now, as Divine just grins, turning back to the camera.

    Divine: See that right there...that kids is what you are not suppose to grow up and be. Divine wants to thank each and every single one of you for taking the time to view this, and hopefully Divine can give you some more fun and exciting adventures as we draw closer to Destined for Immortality II. Until next time, it's the Divine One signing off.

    Divine turns now, waiving on the next fan, as the footage goes black.
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    The camera cuts an area where a "Meet & Greet with Matthew Black" is being held as we see the fan favorite sitting on a chair with a table in front of him- and a massive queue behind the table as they wait to meet Black.

    A small boy is at the front of the queue, and he hands Matt Black an IWA 2014 Calender for him to sign- and he signs it without a problem. The small boy is full of joy and smiles, and he asks for a picture. Black & the small boy get in position for a picture, as both men pose- and the picture is taken as the small boy hugs Black, and walks away.

    ???: What a waste of space!

    The people in the queue, as well as Black- turn their attentions to the door, as the man who enters the room is none other than The Rapid King, Shaz. Black looks shocked to see him, and Shaz walks up to him behind the table. The next person in the queue, which is a tall boy- gives Shaz the dirts, as Shaz gives him the evil look back.

    Shaz: What are you looking at? Want a picture?

    The tall boy looks away as Shaz turns to Black.

    Shaz: What's that look on your face Matthew? Why do you look so shocked? Shouldn't you be happy? Happy about the fact that you got voted to be in this Meet & Greet over the Rapid King? OVER SHAZ?! See... everything might be going brilliant for you- but for me, it wasn't going well at all.

    Why? Because I had to look at the smug look on the face of all these people, including yours! I bet you think you're all big now, just because you got voted over me- don't you? Well I'm not happy about it. With all due respect Black, you're talented- but as far as I'm concerned, you're not anything special.

    But I guess the only reason why these people like you so much, is because you suck up to the crowd. Always coming out to that ring- telling everybody what they want to hear like how great they are. Telling them about your life stories, despite the fact nobody in the back actually gives a shit.

    Shaz begins to smirk, before throwing the table in front of him in a fit of rage- as most of the people in the queue gasp and take a couple of step backs.

    Shaz: The poll may state that people wanted to see you over me- but to me, it states that people think you're better than me. They reckon that a man who's competing for a mid-card title, is better than a former world champion!

    Shaz looks at Black with a cold stare.

    Shaz: I can't think of ANYTHING more ridiculous than that. And to make things worse- I absolutely DESPISE it when people favour others over the likes of me- so if you want someone to blame for ruining your "special" Meet & Great... don't blame the guy who did it, blame the PEOPLE who caused this.

    Because everybody who voted for you... they caused it.

    Now I'm not going to deny that you've got a future in this business, and you've got some crazy potential to reach the top- but that's the problem. You may have a future, and you may have potential to be big- but you'll never be the man I am.

    So the sooner you acknowledge that...

    The better.

    Matthew Black smiles and reassures a kid that everything is going to be ok. He turns around and looks dead into the eyes of Shaz as he begins to talk.

    Matthew Black: Shaz I don't know why you decided to air your dirty laundry here in front of all of these people but this is as good as a time of any for Matthew Black to share a few words with the former world champion.

    Matthew Black smirks as a crowd begins to swarm around Matthew Black and Shaz.

    Matthew Black: I'm walked into this company nearly a year ago and at the time there was one man and one man alone on top of the wrestling world and that man was you Shaz. You were truly dominate and you took down all up and comers. It didn't matter who it was... From AJ Dixon to Chris Divine. You showed the world that you deserved to be a world champion, even though most of the world never quite agreed with you.

    You see while Matthew Black wasn't around during the early days of IWA he's heard the stories Shaz... He knows that most of the people backstage thought you were just put in the world title picture because AJ Dixon was taking major backstage heat and needed to drop the belt. Creative never seemed to really have faith in you did they? No matter how many times you put your body on the line or dropped mind blowing after mind blowing promo... You felt like you were constantly overlooked. I've got some news for you... Your problem isn't with anyone here including Matthew Black... It's with the people backstage who didn't give you the respect you deserved.

    Matthew Black smirks as he pauses. He looks around him and he sees the crowd getting larger and larger and just looks dead into the eyes of Shaz, who seems unmoved by all of Matthew Black's statements.

    Matthew Black: You see while you might have some problem with Matthew Black because he won a poll, Matthew Black doesn't have a damn issue with you. I know how great of a talent you are. I know you might be the best damn fighter that IWA has ever had the privileged of seeing. You have worked hard to get here in IWA and you've worked even harder to maintain your status on top of the mountain but I have some news for you Shaz. People like Matthew Black are coming to dethrone you and it's not personal... It's just the nature of this business.

    Matthew Black and Shaz stare down almost completely forgetting about the crowd now surrounding them.

    Matthew Black: But there is something you can't do Shaz. There is something you can't do without pissing off the Seattle Superstar Matthew Black... And that's talk down to these fans. They want to see me because I'm real. They want to talk to a man who made it in this company by working his ass off night in and night out to be the best superstar that he could be. They don't care that I'm going after a so called midcard title... They care about the real Matthew Black and the love that I show for this industry every time I enter that ring.

    Matthew Black pauses as some of the fans around him begin to cheer and show major support for Matthew Black. One of the fans pats him on the back as Matthew Black smirks and turns his head towards the all the cheering fans.

    Matthew Black: So I have a question for you, Shaz... Do you want to make a real connection with these fans!? Do you want to win these polls against Matthew Black!? Well here is a suggestion from yours truly... Why not instead of being an inane fool and coming at Matthew Black why don't you hit the gym once more. Why don't you work your ass off for the next two weeks and prove to the world once more that you are truly one of the best in the world... Or you know, you could come and ruin the day of some children who wanted to meet their favorite superstar like a punk ass Bit---...

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    #temamodest are the nicest people aboit. get outa here team ego! its not that my spelling gets shit when ikm drunk, just that i canr be bothered correctin the many mistakes i make while typing !

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    Shaz: DON'T even think about finishing that line.

    Shaz' eyes are locked on Black as he looks pissed.

    Shaz: You know what Black? You're right, creative never had faith in me as world champion. They just kept getting frustrated, and frustrated at watching my dominance. They never let me have a chance to have an important singles match- they would always slap in another superstar into my matches, and they would always try and make me go down.

    But all those superstars they put in my way- I put them to sleep. I TOOK THEM DOWN. They put me through hell, but I overcame it all, and here I am- standing in front of you. You say that they want to see you because you're real, so what? I'm real as well. As a matter of fact, I'm as real as it gets!

    Fair enough, every night- you do give it all your all. You do have passion for this business and industry- but I do as well. I always try putting on classics in the ring. I always come out ready for a fight. But the only problem is, whenever I do something great- nobody talks about it. Whenever someone else does it- it's suddenly the greatest thing in the world.

    I love how you tell me to hit the gym and work my ass off despite the fact I already do- but that's another fact that adds to my point. The fact that I do- nobody cares. But if I didn't hit the gym, and if I ended up looking like a fat, slobby superstar who didn't care about what he does- nobody would care about that either!

    The fact is, all of my positives & negatives are never pointed out.

    And I'm sick of it.

    Shaz has a smirk on his face.

    Shaz: But most importantly- I'm sick of you always getting love from everyone. I mean, look at the state of you! You hardly ever have aggression in you. But whenever you do have some rage and fire in you- it's always got to be brought out by someone. Someone's always go to push you to the point you can't take it any more. Naturally, you're never aggressive.

    All you are to me- is a soft man.

    I'm the only man with the balls to talk the REAL truth, and the real truth is that Matthew Black isn't the man who people think he is. I'm the only person that can see you for who you are- a glorified superstar who's only loved because of his pandering to the crowd.

    Shaz turns his attention to the people, as most people look at him in disapproval. He turns back to Black, and has a smile on his face.

    Shaz: And DON'T even get me started on your third person bullshit. I don't even want to go in detail to that, but I do wanna clarify something for you. Just because you say your name all the bloody time- it doesn't make you as hard as you look. No, it just makes you look desperate for people to know your name.

    This shit may not be personal for you- but it's definitely personal to me. I mean, why would it be personal for you? You're getting everything you want, and better yet- you're earning it. But I'm trying to earn everything I want too, but guess what?

    I'm not getting anything out of it.


    Matthew Black: Can you just shut the hell up already!?

    The crowd seems almost shocked by Matthew Black's bluntness.

    Matthew Black: Shaz, I understand your frustrations and that's all fine and dandy but today isn't about Shaz and Matthew Black... It's about the people. You come out here to talk shit to Matthew Black in front of an obviously pro Matthew Black crowd? I know you are someone who likes to speak his mind but are you really that thick man!? You want to make this personal Shazzy? You want Matthew Black to lay some hard truths on your thick skull!?

    Matthew Black looks out towards the crowd and points out one of the members of it and begins to speak.

    Matthew Black: You see that guy right there Shaz? That is a guy who has loved wrestling his entire life. I talked to him earlier today actually. He told me how much he's loved wrestling since he was a child and how much my promo about walking out of Destined For Immortality a champion resonated with him. He told me he was from Boston and he talked about how he was bullied as a child just like Matthew Black was. He told me that he had the same memories across the country of watching two wrestlers duke it out in the middle of the ring in order to prove who was the bigger man. He told me just like Matthew Black... It was his escape from the pain and torture that he went through because he was a childhood nerd who wore glasses and was a bit overweight.

    Matthew Black smirks as he looks dead into the eyes of Shaz.

    Matthew Black: You see Matthew Black has something with the crowd that you just never have Shaz. I'm relate-able to the masses. Most of us aren't former convicts who speak our minds. We are all people who have had to deal with shit and even though we weren't always dealt the best hand, we didn't lose our marbles every time the ball didn't bounce our way. You can call me a coward for acting that way but the fact of the matter is, that is what all of these people do too... It's not being a coward Shaz, it's called being mature.

    Matthew Black smiles as the crowd begins to chant his name around him. He seemingly is enjoying the crowds close quarter interaction with him.

    Matthew Black: So you can call me soft Shaz. You can call me whatever name you want to and Matthew Black isn't going to give a flying hell. The fact is that I know that speaking in third person is going to bother a few... I know that not going out there every week and telling the world that I'm better than every other superstar doesn't make me the typical superstar, but I've got some news for you. We are done with the typical bullshit. I'm done watching the same cookie cutter shit week in and week out. I'm done hearing about sexual deviants, or walls of darkness.... I'm done hearing fifteen different superstars come out to the ring every week and telling you that they deserve more than what they get because they are the best at what they do Shaz, and so should you.

    Matthew Black notices that some of the IWA security out of the corner of his eye but refuses to shut up.

    Matthew Black: You see while you might think because I'm not so arrogant that I don't have faith in myself but I was the one who asked for a shot at that title Shaz. I'm the one who went out there week in and week out never getting a real shot at a championship and you didn't hear me bitch or moan about anything did you? The fact is that I worked every day just for a chance for Immortality and on an April day I get my chance to cement my legacy... But don't get me wrong... I'm not doing it for Shaz, I'm not doing it out of spite for Christopher Diamond...

    I'm doing it for me and these people. I'm doing it for the guy who dreams of being a professional wrestler. I'm doing it because that has been my dream ever since I first watched a wrestling show on the floor of my house in Seattle... You see being a wrestler to Matthew Black isn't about feeding his ego, it's about living his dream. You are nothing more than a perpetual fool if you believe that you need to whine your way to the top.

    Matthew Black pauses as the crowd begins to be seperated by a large group of security officers. Shaz is taken away from the scene as Matthew Black smirks. Black and Shaz share a long glare, almost as if this isn't the last time that these two men will meet. Fans begin to line up again as Matthew Black goes behind the table and begins signing autographs once more. The camera fades away as Matthew Black begins signing a recently bought Always Bet On Black for a little kid.
    Disciple of Asher Presents - DEATH BUNNY




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    #temamodest are the nicest people aboit. get outa here team ego! its not that my spelling gets shit when ikm drunk, just that i canr be bothered correctin the many mistakes i make while typing !

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    ​Daily Updates: Day One!


    IWA Roster arrive in DFI City

    After being given the weekend off to spend time however they felt, the IWA roster have begun to arrive in Birmingham, England for The VIP Pass, and Destined For Immortality. The VIP Pass is set to commence from now until DFI itself, with every single wrestler and vanity involved. Although some of the executive guys have been here for a few days, the majority of the roster arrived yesterday and today- Expect further updates as the weeks commence.


    David Ryan to take tour of home city

    With Birmingham, England being the home and native land of Revolution’s co-General Manager, he will be undertaking a tour of the city, showing off some of important places to him. Apparently, he’s so excited about showcasing his city that some other favourites of the IWA roster will be his companions as he takes a different trip around the city each day. We’ll have updates throughout the week.



    IWA Officials hold tryouts

    A number of tryout matches were held over the course of the weekend in Birmingham. A lot of focus was reportedly put into tag team tryouts, with both Damaged Goods and The Wrecking Crew said to be on hand to face the newcomers. There were said to be a lot of very good tag teams at the show and IWA were very happy with the results.

    Singles wise, it was very hit and miss. TeYanna was on hand to wrestle a few local hopefuls, with the Vanity being pleasantly surprised by a couple. For the men, they had to take on one of four IWA trainers- including Kale Granda, Shawn Dolan, Justin McKeighan and the monster Torphy. Some guys were said to impress. Others were said to not.

    IWA will be holding tryout matches a lot throughout the next two weeks, and they’re hopeful of finding some new talent- which they may have already done so today.



    Huge names to IWA?

    While rumours at this point are still said to be flying around, there is talk of TheDevilsAdvocate joining IWA. He has expressed an interest in working with the company but we’re unsure where talks are right now. This is the second time IWA & TDA have been in discussions, having originally been touted as a name for the co-General Manager role on Revolution.

    The company is also said to be in discussion with a tag team ‘known around the world’. While we can’t confirm or deny any names just yet, IWA are said to be very keen to sign a big name tag team to add to their division. At one point, Mixed Emotions were said to be talking to IWA but we can confirm this to be just a rumour.

    Nevertheless, we have an interesting few weeks ahead of us!

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    Notes from the Torture Chamber

    Arrived in Birmingham. The lack of Black Sabbath references in the city is quite disappointing. Be proud of the Sabs, folks!

    Better luck later on: a certain Jenny came around, declared herself a fan and requested a session in the Chamber. She may not be Miss Universe, but that body was much better than it seemed at first glance. She endured more pain than I expected. After a three hour session her ass was a masterpiece. She asked me to carve my name in her ass cheeks with a knife to show it in camera at my match at Destined for Immortality II. I refused, arguing they won't show it and her ass was much more beautiful as it was right now. She agreed and asked me to be one of the Chamber Ladies for the rest of the week. I told her I was fine as long as she accepted she wasn't going to be the only one. She said it was no problem.

    As I left a random thought came into mind. You know which Bombshell not only deserves but actually needs a good spanking? Juno Mercury.

    After the session I felt good, ready to train a little bit. Hit the gym, got ready for a fight. Spotted Benny The Ball, and wanted to challenge him, but as soon as he saw me he run like hell.

    I was lucky, as I found Oscar The Ball, or Benny The Layman, and he accepted the match. But it was a waste of time, as he was impersonating Benny he barely did shit, so I ended the match quickly. I wonder if he'll once be Oscar Torture, or Mr. Lay-Torture-man.

    Bumped into Mr. Black and Vivica. He didn't say a thing but nod at me in recognition. I nodded back. Vivica is damned hot. I had lots of fun in the session we had at Chaos. I wish to repeat it with Vivica dominating by my side. I won't ask her to do it differently, there are things you don't do, and that's one. Yeah, I have limits even if people don't believe it. As far as her Daddy, I'd like to face him one on one in IWA. One day.

    Tried to creep Smokey off a little bit, but he was busy yelling at someone on the phone. Definitely not worthy.

    Went down for a walk. Kids were scared, except a little girl. She asked me if I was made of flesh, and refused to believe me when I said I was. I took of am glove and asked for a high five. She high fived back, then her mother hurried towards us and took her away.

    Rumor going around is Kaige being spotted entering the building where his father runs business. Good, he's out of his mind.

    Before I retired to my room, (no, I don't sleep in the Chamber, I find beds more comfortable for sleeping) I saw Akira Tajiri across the hall towards the elevator. Man, she is a fine Japanese lady. Couldn't help remembering a certain image of a Japanese girl with her panties in her mouth for some breath control. Couldn't help picturing doing that to AT. Good material for some self love before falling asleep.

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    Also check TWE!!

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    I'm Coming Home

    As darkness starts to sweep over the cranes that stand tall in the Harland and Wolff shipyard, a hooded figure is seen sitting on an old brick wall, watching the sun set on the city that she loves...

    ?? : Juno love, are you coming in? It is getting a wee bit cold out there…

    Juno turns to the familiar voice of her mother as she stands in the doorway to the back entrance of her house, removing her black hood, her curls flow, blowing in the evening air and with a simple smile she addresses her mother…

    Juno: Aye, I will be in a minute mummy, just gathering my thoughts before I head away…

    Her mother heads back into the kitchen as Juno down a moonsault from the wall and follows her mother who sits at a table in front of her, tea waiting as Juno sees her bags ready to head to Birmingham for DFI and the match that will cement her career…

    Juno: So did you enjoy yourself last night, watching your wee girl win and then get into a battle of words with that psychotic bitch Vivica? Mummy I mean what more does that sick freak have to do, until she understands that I cannot be broken, no one can jeopardise the mind-set that I am in and no one will take away my chance come Destined for Immortality, I took her on last year and I lost… I have been nursing the wounds of each and every loss I have had in my career when my gold was snatched from me but, not this time… She had balls to do it but, she doesn’t try and take me down on my turf…

    Being home has showed me one thing, I never forgot my roots and with that I never forgot how truly brutal and how truly reckless I can be in a wrestling ring, I will prove to everyone that I am the queen of my division and of my profession when I take home that gold come DFI…

    Juno’s mother places her hand over Juno’s and with a sigh she continues

    Mrs Mercury: You are already a champion to me, you always have been and you always will be… Never forget that you started from nothing and you worked your way up, whether you were fighting fella’s or wee girls, you always came back with a smile on your face…

    Juno's mother wipes a tear from her eye, a small scar at the corer, a constant reminder of what Juno's father did to her...

    I thought the soul in my wee girl died the day your Da hurt you but, I seen something else, I seen that it didn’t die, it got stronger… You will keep getting stronger…

    That Freudian Nightmare as you so suitably dub her, needs more than a head examining, she needs shot after doing that to your Da…Bet she was rinsing her bake with acid that day…

    Also, you defend my honour so much and I never thank-you for that…

    Juno nods her head as she gets up and slides into her leather jacket

    Juno: I will defend you to my grave mummy… I can promise that…

    Mrs Mercury: Where are you off too?

    Juno: Just a wee walk, breath in some familiar air…

    We see Juno walking the streets in which she grew up and she made her name, walking for almost an hour, she stops at a bridge that looks over the River Lagan and lets the wind fall over her, her curls blowing, her eyes closed and as she reopens them she looks up to the star filled sky and too her left at the end of the bridge she looks to the Pro Wrestling Ulster gym…

    Juno: Home…

    Juno heads in, open as always and she heads down the stairs to a gym that has not changed since the 1980’s and she heads into the blue and white ring that she took her first steps to be a star...

    Sitting up on the top left hand turnbuckle, she is focused on the series of replica belts, copies medals and posters on the wall in front of her, posters from as recently as Full Throttle, with only one thing missing to solidify the career of the Belfast bombshell…The Vanity Title…

    Juno: I know what I need to do to finally cement my legacy, it is my time, I am ready!

    The Rapture is almost complete…

    As the lowly lights flicker out, a familiar sadistic laugh echoes through the empty building finally broken by the shutting of the door…

    IWA Revolution Creative Team


    IWA Vanities Champion: Juno Mercury!

    2013: Women's Wrestler of the year Juno Mercury (IWA)
    2013: Vanity of the Year Juno Mercury (IWA)


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    The scene is set in New York City, New York. A sharply dressed Kaige Chamberlain walks through the doors of a upscale building and is stopped by two men. Both are big and burly, and obviously packing weaponry.

    Kaige: I'm here to see... Him.

    Man 1: He's been expecting you, Kaige. He misses you.

    Kaige: I don't care, we have some things to get straight before I go on to Destined for Immortality.

    Man 2: Hey, calm down.

    Kaige sneers and walks past them after they search him. He opens the elevator and is taken to the top floor. More men line the walls, and nod, slightly, in respect to Kaige. He walks through the doors and sees his father sitting in a darker than normal room. Kaige walks up to him and sits across the table from him. He takes his hat off and stares at his father; a lithe man, whose age hasn't quite caught up with him yet.

    Kaige: Is it true?

    Joshua: Hello to you too, Son. Do you want to tell me why you are here? Or should I just assume you stopped by for a visit?

    Kaige: Don't play dum--

    Joshua: Let me stop you right there, this is my room.. this is my office, I own this building and several more like it. Don't assume you can come in here and speak to me any kind of way.

    Kaige: Look, I just want to kn---

    Joshua: Do you remember what I told you before you went off to be a 'professional wrestler'? And what you told me?

    Kaige sighs and looks down, taking off his fedora. He sets it on the table and leans forward, elbows on his knees.

    Joshua: Don't answer. Let me.

    Kaige's father gets up and walks around the table, sitting on the table in front of Kaige.

    Joshua: You told me, that by the time Destined for Immortality rolled around, by the time Destiny's Calling rolled around, you'd be at the top of the card! But where are you? You're fighting some young punk that likes to beat girls, and your tag-team partner hates you so much that he didn't even have your back?!

    Kaige goes to speak, but a swift smack hushes him.

    Don't you open your mouth. I told you that if you didn't make good, you'd have to work for me, didn't I? But I tell you what, I tell you what, I'll give you one more shot. At Destined for Immortality II, if you lose to Mr. Torture, you're coming to work for me and I already have a lucrative job lined up for you.

    Joshua walks around the table and grabs a manila folder from one of the drawers and smacks it down on the table. He brushes himself off and then grabs two glasses from a bar behind him and fills them with Johnny Walker Blue Label, sliding one to Kaige. Kaige looks up at his father, and then chugs the drink before fixing another one. Joshua sits down and looks across at Kaige.

    Now, you came here... to get some answers.

    We join Kaige and his father, Joshua, back in New York City, New York - in one of Joshua's High RIse buildings. Both men are drinking an alcoholic beverage.

    Joshua: So, you want to know if I, indeed, paid off Mr. Smyth to get you a spot in IWA? Is that what you've come back here for, instead of to admit that you haven't lived up to the potential you thought you had?

    Kaige: Essentially. I want to know if Mr. Torture, that perverted freak, is lying to get in my head, or if he is telling the truth. Either way, it's messing with me, Dad.

    Joshua shakes his head, and looks at his son, disappointed in him.

    Joshua: Do you want to know the truth? I promised you, I'd never lie to you, so you need to decide now if you want to know the truth.

    Kaige is quiet for a long moment, taking an elongated sip from his glass of Johnny Walker. He looks at his dad, and the folder on the table, before looking up and answering.

    Kaige: I need to know the answer.

    Joshua nods and finishes his drink.

    Joshua: I saw you down there, struggling. Little Vince is a big fan of the wrestling shows and he said he'd been keeping track of you. Told me that you weren't doing so hot, after the start you got. He was a big fan of you and the businessman, Mr. Smyth. Anyway, he comes to me and says, "hey, your boy seems to have fallen off the face of the earth." So I check in, you know? And what do I see? Not you.

    Kaige grimaces, thinking of when he wasn't being used.

    Then he told me that Mr. Smyth had moved on up to Inferno, as part of a tag-team, and that, according to reports from, he had some pull in a up and coming company called Insane Wrestling Association, aka IWA. So, one day, I use some contacts to get a phone number for Mr. Smyth and finally do.

    Kaige is visibly angry, but his father doesn't seem to care or notice. Kaige finishes his drink and slides his glass across the table. Joshua finally looks over at it Kaige.

    Calm down.

    Kaige sneers, but obeys.

    We talk business and, well, we come to terms. A payment of ten thousand dollars and Mr. Smyth put in the word. That's when they approached you, and brought you in for a tryout. You impressed them, congratulations, and they brought you in.

    Does that answer your question? Is that what you wanted to know?

    Kaige stands up, but doesn't leave - he paces back and forth, looking at his father.

    Kaige: You... how could you? You didn't have any faith in me? Look at what I've done! Look at what I've achieved! I've been an RTE Tag-Team champion and soon, I will be again. I've made it to Inferno and will be tag-team champion there.

    Joshua: About time, but that's not what you promised me! Alexander, Little Vince tells me, is after IWA Championship Gold! Kyojin, is after IWA World Heavyweight Championship gold! Matt Elder, Arthur Lansdale! They are main eventing and you are bothering with a perverted, filthy mongrol.

    You want to know the truth son?

    Kaige: What?

    Joshua: I have never been more disappointed in you.
    Kaige Chamberlain
    Ballad of an Asshole

    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
    Preacher of the Voices

    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

    Lord Joseph Pythonicus, Archduke of the Black Coast and Lord of the Serpent Port.
    @IWACreative_Parody Tweeter

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    An eerie whistle dances in the night, as a graveyard comes into view. Off in the distance, a figure with a large, hooked object walks. The camera flickers through different viewpoints as the indiscernible figure traverses the land.

    A voice begins to sound.

    "I told you, that I wouldn't be the only one coming to our match. When the flames of hell burn high, when you are looking across the ring - will you see me, or will you see the Devil? In a ring of fire, surrounded by burning flames, Shining Light, will you finally be able to greet your grandmother one more time, or will you realize that your crusade against me is as fruitless as your faith?"

    The camera gets closer to the man, and we can see that he is wearing a large, hooded black robe - the hood pulled over his head to cause shadows to cover his face. In his hand there is a large scythe.

    "Do you recognize this place? I've shown it to the IWA Crowd before, and I know there was anger in your eyes. This is a very sacred place for you? It's where she, the whore that was your grandmother, it is where she was buried, isn't it? In fact, she was buried right here."

    "Father" Black Angel lowers his scythe and touches the grave stone.

    "I made you a promise, that she would be there to see your final hour - and I meant it."

    The camera goes through several scenes of similarly hooded men digging through the dirt down to the casket. All the while "Father" Black Angel prays.

    "Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned. I do not believe in you, but in such a sacred place and important place for Shining Light, I feel I must speak to you. You have guided your Son down a path that he cannot possibly recover from. He says he had made similar threats before, but could not follow through, why would you - the omnipotent and all powerful - set him down a path that he has proven to be unsuccessful in following? Lord I ask you, what makes you a better superior than my Voices? What makes you a better superior than what lives, hidden in the darkness, within each man, woman, and child? You blanket the Voices, you cause people to neglect them and follow your word, but how often do you speak to them? How often do you reach down and hold their hands as you send them on their paths?

    Lord, forgive me, for I have sinned. I have resolved to give Shining Light the answers he seeks so desperately. At Destined for Immortality II, during our Inferno Match, we will have a guest. She will be my date.

    Forgive me, Lord, for I will not be merciful. I will not save his soul. He will burn, he will burn in front of the bones of his grandmother. And when she returns to the Kingdom of Hell, she will not be alone. For when she walks back into that fiery embrace of Satan, Shining Light shall be hand in hand with her.

    Forgive me, Lord, for with my actions I will save Shining Light from facing Mike Hawk and being fed to the Nest. It, the Nest, deserves better - and I will be the guardian that ensures the unworthy won't make it in.

    Forgive me, Lord, for I will save... Mike Hawk."

    "Father" Black Angel turns around and reaches into the hold, bringing back up the skeleton of Shining Light's grandmother. He turns towards the cameras and then heads back off into the distance.

    The eerie whistle dancing again.
    Kaige Chamberlain
    Ballad of an Asshole

    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
    Preacher of the Voices

    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

    Lord Joseph Pythonicus, Archduke of the Black Coast and Lord of the Serpent Port.
    @IWACreative_Parody Tweeter

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    Akira Tajiri

    The Vanity, Behind the ma
    sk... ​

    Dear Master Tajiri,

    I hope you are well master, I sure hope I have done you proud. You were right, being part of IWA is better then I could ever imagine. I feel so lucky and blessed to be here. I'm 20 years old and already I'm going to get the chance to take part at a show like Destined for Immortality! I'm so excited.

    I hope I can do you proud and bring honor to the Vanities division. I hope that like Juno & Vivica I can prove that Women's wrestling is just as good and should be treated as more then Barbie's like Eden, wanting fame and fortune. Speaking of Juno and Vivica, there fighting for the title! One day, I dream that could be me. Perhaps if I train harder and do better, it could be? I know master, One step at the time, just like you told me.

    I have arrived safe and sound here in Birmingham, I'm room sharing with Kairo, she's so sweet. She's really helped me since joining the company. She's also had my back after the shows, some of those male wrestlers still treat us like where to entertain them, can you believe that? Just earlier on, I was heading to the elevator when this man was staring at me.. He was so scary. He just had an aura of danger about him, an aura of punishment and torture. It's okay, I got the mist at the ready, just like you showed me.

    Speaking of men, I seen the one you told me about earlier, Kyojin. He was at the gym, there was something different about him.. I think he's changed. Maybe he can bring honor back to his heritage? You were right again though, he's so talented, It's just a shame about his attitude. I didn't speak with him, but I think he noticed me.

    Seeing him, it made me think of home.. I know, I can't go back. I can never go back. I still hope one day my mother and father will accept me for who I am, what I have chosen to become. I one day hope, though I know it's not likely.

    With so much time on our hands, I went down to watch some of the trials. Seeing how they were put through there steps, made me think how hard I had it from you Master, though it was what I needed and why I'm here today, I can't thank you enough.

    Hope to hear back from you, I miss you and hope to make you proud.

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    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x & last Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
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