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    I Called It!!! (A Post MiTB Thread)

    Alright, lets keep it here. Talk about all the happenings, all your "predictions" and whatnot here.

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    Question Money In the Bank reactions

    Just decided to write a reaction thread live as I watch the show, just offering up the points I take -


    Swagger and Cesaro work nicely together could have a nice run as a tag team, The Uso's were over and seemed a lot more like a real threat to the titles rather than filler.

    Barrett seemed good and for a while there I felt they were setting it up for him to win, seems like he is set to stay as a mid carder for a long time sadly.

    Rhodes was portrayed as a star here, he told a great story and will make a great face...he just has the look of a face it seems. I never saw him as a face but he sold me tonight.

    I love Brad Maddox, the man is a protagonist and he plays his job so so well. Sure he should never touch a world title or even mid card title, but as a guy to put raising faces over, a guy to gather heat or maybe even be in a tag team he will play the role perfectly.


    A one man chant of " you're not over " to the Miz summed it up for me. I really wish he was though, again he plays his role well but if wwe want him to be a champion again it seems like it must be as a face.

    I still really believe in Axel and it seems wwe do to which is great. I remember William Regal during Axel's and Tyson kidd's matches on NXT saying " these two young men will meet many times during there careers " I sure hope this will come true.


    All I can think as Aj enters is " wow as soon as this feud is over, we are back to normal until Paige joins the roster " It's sad the depth just is not there. While I think girls like Natayla, Naomi and even Layla or Alica Fox have a good feud and matches in them but wwe just won't give them a chance.

    Great story is this divas match however, going to enjoy this while it last's. When these two gals are in the match the Divas match is no longer the piss break.

    Don't know what credibility that match did Kaytlin's spear, also the finish seemed a slight bit pre-mature, so are we looking at a Aj Vs Layla match for Summerslam ? personally I hope there is a #1 contender match ( not a damn battle royal ) that maybe Natayla wins hopefully she is still over with the crowd.


    erm...brb this Ryback match is the new piss break.

    Didn't actually but this is certainly a sleeper match in what has been a great ppv so far.

    Meh match all I have to say, Happy Ryback won.


    Crowd loves Ziggler....oh wait every single one does.


    Well I really hope Big E can give Ziggler a match, and Del Rio gets a good opponent for Summerslam. I think Dolph Will play the Face chasing the title for much of his career, if you haven't noticed he is good at it, once he wins the title where is there to go ? Dolph is better of chasing than being champion.


    The Crowd's reaction to Henry was great, so was the video package, win or lose I hope Mark Henry hits Cena hard and Cena hits hard back...nothing better than blurring the lines or reality.

    Left the room as cena entered the ring....returned expecting the match to be started....* cena pandering to crowd * erm.

    This always bothers me, the crowd loves the Wyatts and Henry, they want more and more of it...but they will chant things that are dark clouds over the wrestlers. Hey idiots if you want these guys to do well, chant things that will help them not hinder them.

    The hype for this match is great but my oh my the difference in Ziggler vs Del rio and this, thank god this kind of match isn't all over the card like some people think it should be.

    If this was the main Event I'd be sleeping right now....JS

    He kicked out of the AA....either STFU win or Henry win it seems.

    oh he kicked out of the wss, nevermind.

    So they really are playing super cena here, good story telling though gotta say.

    Big Bad Henry taps out, what do you do with him now ?


    Pre-prediction for the main event, Wyatts come down lay everyone out, apart from Daniel Bryan, Bryan jumps in after hiding and wins it.

    Bryan is great at getting a crowd loud, making this one even louder...RVD is a completely different monster in the WWE.

    Kinda surprised with Orton but makes sense if he gets his heel turn, they wrote people off well, good Heyman turn


    Cody Really looks like he is going face, Sheamus showed some heel tendency's. Not disappointed with Orton win...think he may feud with RVD going into Summerslam ?

    With the ppv ending before the end of the hour I really did expect something to happen at the end so disappointing in that respect, above average ppv....I give it a 8/10....probably 8 and a half actually...good card all round, Ryback vs Y2J and Cena vs Henry were slight sleeper matches however. Not dissapointed with results either.

    Not sure how you would reply to this but just cut it into sections for easier reading, whats your opinion on the ppv ?
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    As heard across the IWC...

    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    DRG hates everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    As heard across the IWC...

    "Mommy! Daniel bryan didn't win!"

    "Well son, go out back and make a picket sign, we are going to boycott this company for less than 22 hours."
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    Orton/Bryan has been pretty good. Bryan chasing Orton for the title could be lots of fun.
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    What matters most is that I called it! I called that King would have a shitty shirt on! I called there would be seats in the arena! I called I would make this thread afterwards!!!

    I beat Androo in our own personal tipping contest - the only one that matters!

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    I can't even be mad at what happened.

    Damien Sandow deserves to be a a main-eventer.

    Dolph Ziggler and Del Rio had a great match.

    RVD proves he still has it. This was a great way to get Orton back in the title picture.

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    Wasn't even close with my two MITB winners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androo View Post
    Called this thread!
    I did pick a very generic thread title didn't I...
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