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    Hardest Video Game you've ever beat.

    Simple thread. What's the toughest game that you've ever played. A game that you thought you would never beat, and you never felt more relived after you beat it.

    For me it would have to be Dark Souls. I don't know that game took me legit 2 months to beat. I even used a video game walkthrough at a few points. (I never do that). The boss battles were tough but the hardest part of the game is knowing where to go.

    Even though this is the hardest game I've ever played, I think this might be about to change considering I'm buying Demon Souls next week.

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    I have two tbh

    One was way back in the day the original Spyro when i was about 10 was the hardest thing in the world and the pure excitement when i finally did it.

    And just recently played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with difficulty jacked all the way up. Finished every quest/mission on full difficulty why i did that i will never know!!

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    Resident evil on it's toughest difficulty
    Pokemon catching all them without glitches or cheats
    Skyrim on hardest difficulty
    The last of us hardest diffculty
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    I'm on Dark Souls new game +4, and I cannot beat the Four Kings, it is impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I'm on Dark Souls new game +4, and I cannot beat the Four Kings, it is impossible.
    This. Dark souls is all kinds of hard and the only game I raged at



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    Y'all are wimps! You want a real hard game?

    Note the lack of anything saying "Continue" or "Load" That's right, you die (which takes 2 hits, from literally ANYTHING) and you start over. Your reward for getting through the game? it starts over, on twice the difficulty.

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    Dark Souls for me.
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    Dead Rising. From watching game-plays it seems like a walk in the ball park, but when I played it myself I got murdered fast by the Bosses and the hordes of zombies. Probably the hardest game ever that I finally beat.
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