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    Quote Originally Posted by RomanFlare View Post
    It switches. Medium outside, sitting in my houses or dicking around. Easy when I get into caves, mainly because of, again, Creepers, the few times I've accidently gotten into monster houses and gotten wrecked, and because all the caves seem interconnected with gigantic holes in the roofs (One cave in particular has 12 cows in it. 12. Insane. I ended up closing it up to be evil > )
    cows in a cave?
    that's messed up
    but i found pretty decent cave's myself too some with 2 spots of diamonds in it
    anyway overall minecraft is one of the most addictive games out there, and if u dont play the game in easy/medium or hard difficulty most of the time, then it's not good
    also minecraft is all about creations, if u dont have any idea any plan or project the game will just be a boring sack of nothing.
    U gotta always plan something big, pick hard materials to come across, craft alot of stuff, fight the monsters around ur turf at the risk of ur own well being, and if u loose try again, that's the fun of minecraft but better yet its to play it in multiplayer mode
    i wish i knew how to do it..


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