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    Money in the Bank: Who Will Cash in First?

    This is a simple thread: who is going to cash in there Money in the Bank brief case first? Give me a guess and a scenario in which they do it. Personally, I think it will be Sandow. I think Orton will have a match against Del Rio in which he will punt ADR and Sandow will come out and cash it in.

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    Cody Rhodes.
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    Randy will cash in first, I get the feeling Sandow will milk his a little

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    Cody Rhodes.
    Mason ryan

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    Orton, at or soon after* SummerSlam, I call it now.
    I can see Sandow holding on to the case at least until after his feud with Rhodes is over and probably a lot longer. They'll probably use it like they did Ziggler's MitB win to held elevate him in the eyes of the wide WWuniverse (wooniverse?) before he cashes in around Christmas and New Year.

    *before the following PPV.

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    Orton, I think they need to build Sandow up more before he is ready.

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    Can see Sandow holding onto to it to wipe the WWE fans face in it a little bit. Orton i don't think will wait too long.

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    Has the mitb ever been cashed in through heel turn? I mean literally, two faces are either in the ring during a promo/mid tag team match/following a tag match?
    Cena and orton are supposed to be friends currently so here's an idea;
    Cena gets jumped by the shield during his match with Bryan and Orton comes out for the save. After beating off the shield, Cena eats an RKO and huge title change.
    For the people that were saying that Orton should/was in control of the shield, this scenario leaves room for them to say Orton planned this with the shield. But it also allows Orton to just take advantage of the situation.
    The only negative is the summerslam main event ends in DQ.

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    If Cody and Sandow are booked for a match for the case at SS, I would love to see Alberto not to have a match at SS or some random opponent, open the show, Sandow come out at the beginning of match/Segment and cash in because he is scared of losing the case to Cody. Then Vickie comes out and makes their match for the WHC instead of the case.
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    Sandow vs Rhodes. Winner Rhodes, it's so obvious. The WWE are lacking in faces right now and I believe that Sandow winning the MITB was just an elaborate face turn for Cody. He'll pick up the WHC contract @ SS. Its a given.

    I think Orton will cash in on Bryan @ SS, after Bryan made Cena tap. A huge heel turn is imminent.

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