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    And tonight, we heard Vickie say, "Each and every one of you"... In the same segment we heard McMahon say, "Each and every one of you"...

    Seriously, get a new cliche!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    This. And the point about drawing heat. For me it's as if they're just bigging themselves up: "don't you know who I am?! My name is [bold spoken flashing lights]"
    It's an arrogance thing and/or it helps establish a new star "My name! My name is Ablerto Del Rrrrrrrrr-eeeeeee-oooooo!"
    That sig is awesome!!!
    The IWC is to TNA what the Republicans are to Obama: No matter how much good they soon as they're shown to be less than perfect, the other claims that they just can't get anything right.


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