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    Inflated roster. Time to fire some people.

    I can't be bother to add it up, but it sure seems like we had more people join the main roster in the last 12 months than have left/been fired from it. And weren't we discussing about the roster being bloated back in 2012. So it seems like the problem is getting worse.

    Can someone in management grows some balls and chop the dead wood.

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    but what if mcmahon is running again in 2016?

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    A lot of the guys coming in went to NXT of course, most came in for extra training, so they have no influence on the full roster. But I agree that the roster is too big.

    When the cull comes, these boards will be set alight. There will be a whole lot of 'WWE dropped the ball', 'this guy is gold', 'if they would've just let him be him'. When it happens, I will be laughing at these people and saying 'of course they fired Alex Riley, Drew McIntyre, Tensai, JTG, Evan Bourne and Ezekiel Jackson. They have achieved nothing for over two years now, are not that good OR don't seem to make it work, and have nothing going for them at the moment.'

    And then I'll cry because Ted DiBiase also will be sacked, and I'll say 'that guy is gold, he could've been big with just a bit of luck'. The people I've just laughed at will tell me he did nothing for over two years, and they'll be right.

    A bit more serious: I didn't include guys like Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Yoshi and Curt Hawkins, because they need jobbers and these guys just do as they're told. Curt Hawkins seems to be the go to guy when Rock or Lesnar or another parttimers needs someone to train, so I can see him transit to a more backstage role, but don't think he will be fired.
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    If I were WWE Management, a few names I would drop from the roster would be:

    Ezekiel Jackson
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Santino Marella
    Alicia Fox

    I have my reasons for each, but can't be bothered explaining. I'm a guy who believes each talent can be used in some capacity that will make them relevant, but I, in my own opinion, don't see the need for jobbers. If every contest was highly competitive, and between two superstars who are being used a lot, then WWE TV would be a thrill to watch. Seeing Mark Henry or Alberto Del Rio or whomever beating a Santino, or a Yoshi Tatsu on WWE TV on a random Raw or SmackDown match doesn't make them look stronger, it just means the jobber they beat still look irrelevant. The matches themselves just come off as "fillers" on the particular show.

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    Where to start. Well, first of all you have to look at the people who contribute nothing to the roster, people who don't draw, don't sell merchandise among other reasons. The names I would release would probably consist of a large list:

    Zack Ryder
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Mason Ryan
    Heath Slater
    Jinder Mahal
    Drew McIntyre
    Alex Riley
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Ted Dibiasie

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    At a glance, here's who's in danger of the guillotine:

    David Otunga
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Ted DiBiase
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Rosa Mendes

    I'd also say that there are a few more developmental guys in danger of the chop.
    I wouldn't miss any of the above. Not because they're not on tv at the minute and haven't been for an age, but because none of them offer anything of value really. Ted DiBiase is the only one I'd mildly miss given what could have been. But the rest; off with their heads!
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    WWE has at least five shows so no one really needs to be released. Until new superstars are hyped to replace deadweight.
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    While I would hate to see anyone loose their job a few people that I could see getting cut are

    Alex Riley
    curt Hawkins
    Evan Bourne
    ezekiel Jackson
    Heath slater
    jinder mahal
    Ted dibiase
    Yoshi tatsu

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    Cuts most of mine are mid card you may be overpaid.

    Cody Rhodes
    Ted dibiase
    clay and tensi

    These are my cuts

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    Nope, especially since WWE is planning for stuff for TV, and want to hire even more from the indies and other places.
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