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    Oddsmaker! Rock vs Brock at WM 30

    A constant topic that pops its ugly face out almost every week. Will The Great One do it again? Will he return at the biggest wrestling event in history, Wrestlemania 30? Suppose he does, what's the chance that he returns to WM and takes on Ba-rock Lesnar, assuming the movie deal falls through?

    My personal odds: 40-50%

    I am a little cautious with this one, being that there's no way he'll turn down T5, if he gets an offer. Vinnie Mac, say what will about him, he brings out the stars for the big one. The only other talents I see him possibly facing by any stretch of the imagination are Taker, HHH, Cena, or Randy, of which I'd personally prefer the likely unpopular option of HHH. His matches with Taker and Brock are all among my top 10-15 matches of the past 3 years and the two have more history than any 2 guys in WWE. I know we haven't even gotten to Summerslam yet and there are already other developments, but I gotta ask:

    What's the odds Rock & Brock go at it one-on-one in April in good ole New Oh-leans?

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    About a 70% chance i think. I doubt rock will be back for a match with his movie schedule.

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    It's a 70-80%; match might happen depending on The Rock's movie career and Brock's determination; which he does not have!

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