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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.

    Big things set for the Wyatt Family?

    I find it amazing just how much focus the wyatt family is getting from wwe.
    They air 3 vignettes of the wyatt family every show and raw ended the show with one of them.
    Its not only on raw, it even airs on main event and smackdown!
    wwe is giving alot of buzz about bray wyatt and the family, the instantly advertise bray wyatt's tweets, they keep focusing and telling us that next monday IS the day they debut ( hopefully wwe wont pull a brodus clay delayed debut like how they did before with the wyatt family now ).
    What things are expected for the wyatt family?
    will they debut as heels? will they automatically win the titles off the shield before mitb or will they grab them from the uso's IF they do happen to win their tag match at mitb?
    I feel like the wyatt family is gonna be granted BIG BIG THINGS for the future. I think all of this focus on them is proof that vinnie mac is super behind them.

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    i hope so, i am waiting far to long for them to not do some great things ...
    but they don't need to be in the title picture, shield was way more interesting without the tag team title than they are now

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    I think they will come in and dominant for a few weeks coupled with a few random attacks for no reason at all. And plenty of creepy promos to get them over.

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    They will be booked super strong off the bat but I'm not sure of the instant Shield feud or tag title shot many are predicting.

    They will be heels but more ambiguous than your general heel.

    I've really enjoyed their NXT stint and I'm interested to see how they come across on the Main Roster and with the crowds.

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    Heels, definitely. Titles, only for Bray to start with. No feud with The Shield, unfortunately.
    Add Nxt to the list of promos. It's clear there are BIG plans afoot for the Wyatt Family especially when you remember they had the Bray Wyatt gimmick before he was out injured for seven months.
    My money's on interference at MitB and a proper PPV debut at Summerslam.

    Divas to believe in.

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    They also aired a commercial /specifically/ for the Wyatt Debut on RAW during like NCIS today.

    HHH is high on them, and Bray has really gotten into the character
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    I am just worried that too much will be going on with them and The Shield. I would like to see them stay on Smackdown for a while and eventually feud with The Shield but I can't see either of the factions being face.

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    Going to be interesting to have 2 huge heel stables at the same time.

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    Huge over hype, big push, peak to early, jobbing with 12 months.


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