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    What are you hoping for from Destination X Tonight?

    Hey everyone, first post so be kind :-)

    I know I seem to be in a minority but I am really looking forward to Destination X tonight but with this being their first time doing it as a 'free pay-per-view', there hasn't been a great deal of build up for anything except the main event and in some ways the MEM vs A&E.

    So my question to those who are actually interested in Impact Wrestling at the moment;

    What are you hoping to see out of Destination X?

    For me (trying to be fairly realistic);

    1 - Sabin and Bully to have a great WRESTLING Main Event with great storytelling similar to the Austin Aries/Bully Ray match or some of the old AJ vs Abyss type matches - To be honest I am happy for Bully to win this (still hoping for Calf Zilla vs Calf Killer at B4G) AS LONG as both he and Sabin come out of the match looking good and Sabin gets the rub of being able to hang with the heavyweights

    2 - The MEM vs A&E Fight to just be a way to promote Rampage/Magnus and Joe as main players in the fight

    3 - The X Division matches to be given plenty of time to tell a story and really sell the X Division concept

    4 - Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries to be given time to showcase that they should be back in the main event after B4G

    5 - A few returns THAT stay such as Gen Me / Petey / Jigsaw and Alex Shelly (I know Shelley is VERY unlikely)

    What do you guys think / what are you hoping for?

    (I know at the moment most talk of TNA is negative or more showing concern for the company, but I for one think they have a pretty top notch roster at the moment and am looking forward to how they build up going to Bound for Glory)

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    It's been quite a while since I've been really anxious and anticipating watching an episode of wrestling. But I am tonight. I'm hoping Sabin wins. That would be pretty awesome.

    I also want to see plenty of X-Division action.

    I hope I'm not let down tonight.

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    I'm hoping HBK, X-Pac and Chyna debut and bring DX to DX!

    In truth I'm not all that excited for tonight, are they bringing the 6 sided ring back like last year?

    Divas to believe in.

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    I am hoping for a few well known faces returning and some great matches to crown a new x Division champion.

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    I'd love to see the 6 sided ring return for one night, doubt it though.

    I'm hoping that Chris Sabin takes the world title tonight.

    Can't wait to see the X-Division matches & the high risk maneuvers.

    Aries vs. Roode should be awesome as well.

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    I want to see some fresh X-division guys going for the new belt, and maybe have someone not signed win it. The main event World Title match is likely not going to disappoint, so can't say much about that. To be honest, I really don't like A&8's vs. MEM on this show, the show should be X-Division vs. X-division, so that match will just be a waste of precious X-Division time, hopefully it ends in a minute and a half brawl like always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    I'm hoping HBK, X-Pac and Chyna debut and bring DX to DX!

    In truth I'm not all that excited for tonight, are they bringing the 6 sided ring back like last year?
    That was two years ago, so I highly doubt it

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    Also hoping for a Sabin win, which would then lead to AJ winning the BFG Series and setting up 2 TNA Originals in the Main Event at BFG.

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    Asking for people to be kind pffft . Actually I'm really excited for it too, I feel like the majority of the matches will be good but may seem rushed as it's only two hours plus you have ads in there too, obviously if it was 3 hours no ads each match would be longer and we would get one or two more.

    I actually hope they crown a new champion tonight, I do know there will be 3, 3-way matches....the past Homicide, Williams and Dutt I believe then future and present, the present I believe was announced to be Kenny King, Manik ( suicide ) and Chavo....the future side of things wasn't announced this is where we will probably see new names, but I have a feeling it might actually be Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw and someone else. So the 3 winner progress to the final but weather that will be tonight or not I do not know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    That was two years ago, so I highly doubt it
    Really?! Wow how time flies.

    Divas to believe in.


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