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    They can assume that Bully is weak because he's caught something from Brooke, so he would be the easier opponent, stopping every so often to scratch. They might also think that DOC or Anderson's face turn could benefit them

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    I don't think it matters that no one helped him at Slammiversary. Sting has never really depended on "help" throughout his career. He was frustrated that no one helped during the following promo, but I think his character also has a lot of pride and has often been a loner. I think his "no one helped me" promo was just simply an explanation for his loss.

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    Bully had a point when he said nobody came out to save Sting. And it is a little laughworthy (its a word now :P) that he is recruiting for his MEM. That being said this could be really good but i have my doubts.

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    How has no one said this yet?

    The idea is that Sting didn't have support going into the match so now he's gaining support so that doesn't happen in the future. People like Angle had no obligation to him before that.


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