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    I actually want to see this match.
    I see Daniel Bryan winning the MITB briefcase and then cashing in on the winner of this triple threat. That would make the 'bad' match worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan McQueen View Post
    John Cena vs Ryback vs Mark Henry.
    sounds awful

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    Summerslam Thread

    Hi guys, just merging the many into here.

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    John Cena(c) vs Ryback vs Mark Henry
    John Cena(c) vs Daniel Bryan

    The 1st one sounds really boring, with probably the entire match between Ryback & Henry, Cena taking almost all the offense in his face. It depends on who will win the RAW MITB (Orton or Bryan), but if Bryan wins it, the Triple Threat could take place

    Me, I would like Cena vs Bryan, with Orton as the MITB winner
    Bryan finally win the WWE title at or after Summerslam, then Orton cashed in on DB to continue the feud between these 2
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