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    Quote Originally Posted by AssassinBlade View Post
    Gives superstars a better chance of being notice!
    The fans are finally getting behind the Uso's!

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    There are rumors that at the moment, there is heat on both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. No other information is available as of this writing. There is no heat on Dean Ambrose.
    What the hell is this rumor on the news page !!!! ???? !!!!!
    Respect the beard !

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    What the hell is this rumor on the news page !!!! ???? !!!!!
    A rumour that the Drive By IWC will eat up, as losing a match and not facing Cena and/or Orton every week naturally means they are getting de-pushed and shit on as every Drive Byer seems to think!

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    I don't think the Shield has backstage heat.

    The thing is WWE HAD to cool off on their push. They can't really be top guys now that they have titles. I think WWE realized that they were pushing The Shield too hard to the point where they had no real contenders for their belts. Do we really believe that Kane or Christian wants to be U.S. Champion? Or that two random guys like say Sheamus and Randy Orton want to be tag champs? The people who should be competing for the U.S. and/or tag titles aren't credible enough to wrestle the Shield. The only wrestlers who ARE credible enough to face them are above the U.S./Tag belts. WWE had to dial them back just so they could have competition.

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    Of course there is the ultimate midcard joker for this job, Kofi Kingston.
    When nobody matches, Kofi strikes !
    Respect the beard !


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