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    I guess you're right about them being over hyped but I still think there room for the gimmick to grow. Unlike The Shield the possibility for additional family members is very real and when the whole thing inevitably falls apart we can see Bray Wyatt truly unravel. This is also why I think a heel vs heel feud could work wonders for them, it's something we haven't seen recently and could be used as the catalyst that eventually breaks up The Shield.
    Imagine this: The Wyatt family have been feuding with The Shield and generally spoiling The Shield's fun for a couple of months setting up Harper and Rowan to challenge for the tag team titles. At the PPV it's a close run thing until Reigns screws Rollins and reveals himself to be a new convert to the Family. As Ambrose and Rollins struggle to regroup in the weeks that follow the Wyatt Family's dominance grows and allows Bray Wyatt to capture his first singles title (the US title would be best for him first, I think). Cue a kayfabe injury and face turn for Rollins and the end of The Shield. Reigns goes on to win the IC title and Wyatt works his way into a WWE/WHC title shot but ultimately loses. Failing to win the big one starts Wyatt's downward spiral and, as the only one in The Family without gold, ultimately leads to his followers rebelling against him....
    That's 4 - 6 months TV right there, don't right the gimmick off until it's on RAW/Smackdown not everything will be a new Fandango.

    Divas to believe in.

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    I got a feeling the Wyatt Family will become the new Bushwackers.

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    Waylon Mercy....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayoholic View Post
    Waylon Mercy....
    I loved this guy attitude

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    Part of the problem with WWE nowadays is that they're trying to make too many people into "big deals". The roster is too top heavy and trying to make the Wyatt Family a "big deal fairly quick" will only make it worse.

    Every stable doesn't HAVE to be a "biggest threat to the company". They shouldn't be thrown into the main event scene right away because then there's nowhere to go but down and we'd just complain that they've been "buried" because they aren't World Champions. We've already seen that with The Shield to some extent.

    If all they do is squash Zack Ryder or whomever for the first few weeks and then immediately go into a feud with a main eventer, all they've served to do is further perpetuate the "Non-main event faces don't matter" environment that we've been subjected to for the past few years, and thus their presence is no real improvement to the product.

    Ideally, they should be firmly in the midcard, but they should be booked dominantly over midcard faces. Not squashing them, but always winning. Put them over as a force in the midcard, with midcard faces stepping UP to challenge them.

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    Am i the only one who think that daniel bryan is the leader of the group

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    Quote Originally Posted by realwrestling View Post
    Am i the only one who think that daniel bryan is the leader of the group
    Yes, you are !
    Respect the beard !

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    Since i am the only one who thinks he is the leader, you heard from me first.


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