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    Im sure by now most of you have seen the video i really am not sure what to think it seems shitty to show the world if he has slipped up however if it is a work it seems pretty low
    Personally i think its true as hall has posted some strange tweets talking about drama in the crib and using the hashtag #imsoberwhosnot when talking about people in the crib.....he has also stopped folowing jake on twitter as well

    What do you think?

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    Well, Scott Hall jr (aka Cody) has been staying there, and he is basically an uncontrolled, immature drinker. If you follow HIS twitter and what not, he is constantly going out drinking, which is pathetic, especially staying there. He's taking advantage of his father. With drunks like Jake, sometimes all you need is someone around you to slip up, and with Cody Hall there, that is more than enough ammunition. Personally, I don't think Cody Hall has any business butting in, trying to get himself some exposure, because he's a brain dead, do nothing drunk trying to ride daddy's coat tails into stardom.

    As far as I know, DDP doesn't allow that in his house, but a bar isn't his house, is it?

    Find it kind of funny Roberts was doing fine, Cody the drunk shows up, now we have e-drama about the entire situation.

    Scott should give his son a Razor's Edge through the sliding glass doors and tell him to not come back.

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    I find it extremely hard to believe that some are suggesting that it's a work. Why the hell would DDP post these videos as part of a work? To get views for his youtube channel? Give me a break! do people seriously think that the man cares about youtube views?

    Something's clearly happened and Jake's relapsed it seems. I'm sure DDP will do all he can to help get Jack back on track. It's not a work, this is very real.

    Relapses happen. If you look at how long Jake's been clean up until now, it's incredible (given how bad he was before he started out with DDP). The challenge for him now is to beat that last run of consecutive clean days.
    However, given that Scott Hall has un-followed him on Twitter, and given that in the video, the guys were talking about DDP probably throwing him out of the house for whatever's happened, then it's possible that he has indeed been thrown out of the house, which is a great shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    Jake has been addicted to hard drugs since before any of those boys were born, honestly I am amazed he stayed clean as long as he did. (Seriously, after hearing how sad his entire existence is, I can't imagine how he's still alive at this point)
    hopefully this is just a speedbump, and not the end of the road for one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

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