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Thread: Suicide angle

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    Suicide angle

    so i just seen this youtube vid of the whole unmasking of suicide . when did this whole thing happen? it wasnt on last weeks show thats for sure.. can anyone fill me in
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    It's happening this week. TNA sort of spoiled it. They taped two episodes last week.

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    ohh ok thanks !
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    FFS!!! Spoiler this right now!!

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    They are trying something different, a way of attracting viewers which I certainly think works for me. and sorry to tell you this guys but if TNA are putting it in there promos which are advertised on there youtube channel ( I assume there also on Spike but I'm from the uk) so not really a spoiler as such.
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    Spoiler Alert
    The downfall indeed of television such as TNA. What ever happened to the days when wrestling can be enjoyed without going to see spoilers such as WWE and TNA in it's current position.

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