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    I always thought a gimmick where a wrestler would dress up as a different comic book character every week would work... Leva Bates does it in the indies

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    I always thought a gimmick where a wrestler would dress up as a different comic book character every week would work... Leva Bates does it in the indies

    rey does it on big ppvs

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    Knowing wwe they go eith antman
    but how bout deadpool tgat be awesone
    they bring down forth wall

    Lana the only reason i like Rusev

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    Someone was right about the "John Cena/Superman comments.....and here's another one. *ahem*

    OK, There is no need to want a superhero in the WWE, because we already have and hate Cena's superman like, "I will fight no matter what and beat you and do absolutely nothing else and only idea of making things interesting is losing at first but rise up and win" gimmick. So damn BORING!

    So why not build off that predictability, a smooth talker who can talk a fish out of water, who has charm, brilliance, a sick twisted mind to deviously get what he wants, someone who is always 5 steps ahead of anyone who think they know his plan, simply laughs at physical punishment inflicted upon him because his evil insane mind thrives on pain, and what he wants the most is to rid the WWE of anyone who gets in his way, if he unfortunately targets Cena, he will just mess his mind up so badly.

    Someone who will push Cena's buttons and get Cena to play right into his traps like a dumb animal. He costs Cena his matches, he uses big guys to go after Cena but mainly as simple diversions or cruel ploy to injure him, or even manipulate Vickie or the managerial system to piss Cena off. Turn people against Cena. And once you think Cena has him beat, that it is the end because he finally gets his hands on the villain.......he wanted to get caught. Crossing the boss is just a walk in the park for him.

    Obviously this is a mix of say Paul Heyman, Roddy Piper, Edge, Kane, Triple H, and hopefully Bray Wyatt.

    Of course if WWE were to run with this for Cena and Cena alone and if this guy was caught by Cena, WWE would make it all be over. Shit, even cartoons and comic books have more to them than WWE.

    I just hope Bray Wyatt is something similar. I just fear his persona is so twisted that he might do some damage. I pray he is what I think he is.....


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