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    A John Cena Injury

    I am a huge fan of John Cena's but lets face it as long as Cena is fighting fit he is gonna always have a place in the wwe title picture and is a great opponent for any heel in the title picture also, which leads me to my point, if John Cena was to pick up a major injury that would keep him on the shelf for 6 months plus, i think WWE could benefit majorly from it because it means they would have to push some of the younger talents and make them great baby face's also could push a few more heels and make the main event scene thriving, then this would also allow for even younger talent to get the push through from NXT to make their debut into the mid-card and let them pay their dues there until it is their time to shine, also with the younger talent getting pushed through the older guy's and jobbers could take a step in the direction of the tag team division,make the existing tag teams look strong when they are in the ring with them and have the tag team division look stronger than it has in the past 5 years...

    comments and opinions?

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    I don't like Cena as a character and wish he would leave the title picture but I don't wish an injury on him.

    If he was to leave for 6 months plus though I don't think WWE would change majorly, Orton, Punk, Show, Kane, DB even HHH would just step into his shoes.
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    Sorry but I will never want a superstar to be injured just to have one or two others in his place. Every superstars have to deal with Cena's popularity, and it's like that. I would love to see guys stuck in the locker room on TV, of course, but not that way.

    You should blame Vince McMahon, Triple H, and the Creative Team for all these talented unused superstar, not John Cena

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    If Cena was injured (and again I'll echo the sentiment of those before me: I don't want to wish injury on anyone) he'd appear Live Via Satellite on every Raw. We'd have at least 2 weeks of replays of the injury, 2 weeks of build up before his first talk via satellite, a month or more of promos from hospital, rehab, make-a-wish then the beginnings of building hype for his return.

    Call me a cynic but nothing short of a major scandal or coma (let's hope not) would remove Cena from WWE programming these days. Never again will there be a 2008 Rumble moment involving Cena's surprise return.

    In the days that follow TMZ posting pictures of Cena snorting coke off the wrong Bella's backside when he was meant to be granting wishes we would see the usual suspects rise to the occasion. Punk, Orton, Bryan, Jericho, Sheamus ADR would all nicely fill the gap and we'd probably see guys like Rhodes and The Miz in main events too. Unfortunately the absence of one Superstar, even The Champ, only leave one spot to fill.
    Other than that I agree that it would be nice to see proper tag team and Divas divisions again and to see the up and comers get their shot but that could happen anyway, as PSOjedi said "You should blame Vince McMahon, Triple H, and the Creative Team for all these talented unused superstar, not John Cena."

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    WWE would do what they did when Punk left, try to bring in some old timers to make up the void.

    Also, wasn't Cena recently out of the title picture, for the better part of a year(Sprinkled in with a little teasing getting back to it, match here and there, etc., etc.)
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    The lot of you are forgetting that once Cena comes back from an absence everything would go back to the way it was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    The lot of you are forgetting that once Cena comes back from an absence everything would go back to the way it was.
    I didn't forget that, and you are correct of course, the only way I could entertain the idea was if Cena was never coming back: after a career ending scandal.
    So, if the aliens beamed Cena up then what?

    Divas to believe in.

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    Too boot, Cena has a mutant healing factor. What takes 6 months to heal he only does it in 3. And he visits his friends at wrestling after surgery. As in about a few hours after. All he's missing is mutton chops and claws.

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    Never wishing or even talk about an injury to someone thats bad juju!!

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    I don't want him to get injured but he does need to go away for awhile, remember when returned at the Rumble the crowd went nuts, give the fans a break from him and they'll appreciate him more when he returns.

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