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    When 3mb first formed, attacking superstars at random, I thought they were gonna go somewhere. Especially when drew saif that he's still the chosen one. It makes me sad to see how they're used. Drew and slater are good in the ring. I'm not to crazy about jinder but he has a good, marketable look to him. They've essentially become jobber fodder for the shield and whomever they're feuding with. I can't help but think drew is still being somewhat punished for his ex wifes actions at mania a few years ago. But on the bright side, hhh had some monster heat for the curtain call incedent and wound up jobbing for quite some time, but now look at him.I think he'll get another push eventually. Hell he had so much momentum with his teddy long angle a while back and was getting good reactions, its a shame they didn't capitalize on it.

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    3MB remind me of these 3 (Mahal is the camel)

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    It sounds bad, but every time I look at Slater just think jobber. His gimmick and look in my opinion is designed to just be a jobber. So if he is to be pushed (and I have nothing against it) I feel they will have to give him a complete repackage. Yet I can never see him as a world champion.

    Drew is the potential of the group, we all know the speculation between his divorce and plunge from the upper midcard, but 28 is still young for a wrestler. I feel as if the Chosen One gimmick was doomed from the start, if you choose a gimmick like that, you have to follow it through no matter what, and wwe didn't. The All American Nightmare thing he said on Superstars a few years ago was decent, but I personally feel he needs a manager to help him really get over with the crowd, still feel he could be a world champion though, or atleast US or IC.

    After Mohammed Hasan, I have always felt wwe are careful and almost reluctant around Indian Asian talent, so I can't see Mahal achieving much sadly. Again though I don't think he suits this gimmick, yet as said before without 3mb, these guys probably wouldn't be on tv at all, so ultimately its the best they have got at them moment.

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    This team can not be taken serious! The gimmick is laughable and they are meant to be jobbers for the rest of there careers. That would be a statement that many IWC people would say but in my opinion. this team can add some credibility but actually winning matches on Raw. Slater can lead the group and win the tag team championship in the future if the gimmick changes. In this gimmick, these three superstars are meant to be jobbers until a real mouthpiece instead of Coulter or Heyman to believe in this team and win the tag team championship!

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