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    The Rock will not wrestle at WM30

    I heard yesterday on IGN that The Rock is being looked at to be the villain for Terminator 5 and if chosen he would be forced to miss WM30. I personally hope he takes the job because I see being a terminator more important then wrestling someone. But what do you guys think should Rock choose WWE over a very big movie role?

    For those who wanna know here is the rumored plot for terminator 5: A terminator (Rock) is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor's parents before she is born but they are protected by a close family friend (Arnold Scharzenegger) who will inspire the look of the other terminators that were played by Arnold due to his heroics.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Rock at Wrestlemania 30 if he wasn't going to wrestle John Cena again. Plus it's the 30th anniversary I feel it would be the perfect place for certain wrestlers to have their retirement match. With The Rock having his. But if he doesn't show up, I'm not gonna be to upset.

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    So, this would be more of a movie thread than a wrestling thread, right?

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    If The Rock returns to have a match against someone else OTHER than Cena, cool. If he doesn't return at all and continues to make movies, cool. Rock can do whatever he wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    So, this would be more of a movie thread than a wrestling thread, right?
    No the question was if you guys wanted the rock to wrestle or make Terminator
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    I thought Terminator 5 was a subtle dig at a Rock v Ryback feud. I mean, wasn't Ryback originally based on Terminator?

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    By the time they get to T10 the Terminator is going to go back to 50,000 BC to step in the primordial ooze and keep humanity from being born. The backlash is no human no machines and now we have a paradox.

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    I'm cool on whatever he decides to do. Would love to see him wrestle again at WM30, but wouldn't mind seeing him in Terminator 5 either.

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    Didn't figure he would come back. The only guys I want to see him wrestle now is Orton and HBK. I'd rather him not return to take a spot away from a guy at WM for a rematch with Taker or Brock.

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    I think Rock's terminator character should be sent back to WM 11 to kill King Kong Bundy mid match and end the streak via DQ.


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