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    Quote Originally Posted by ChodeMan View Post
    people have been saying i am trying to make others mad and at least here me out and give me some credit,

    Big men have been featured in wrestling from the start, and are always dominant, andre the giant, big john studd, kevin Nash , big show , mark henry , sid vicious , undertaker , kane , just to name a few , and even the you guys dont like him great khali all have been heavyweight champions. i know the new roh style technical wrestlers are gonna get a lot of titles but it just seems classic and adds a sense of realism when they win and you cant honestly say that about d bry no matter how much of a better wrestler he is than the big men
    Big Men are usually great heels, and they are a great type of heel an unstoppable monster type of heel, little to average men can be great heels yes, but they usually play the coward or strike when back is turned kind of heel. they usually have to rely on cheating or running away, look at mark Henry for the past year and a half, the hall of pain is a great story that makes him look like a monster and the best heel in the company, all of you love mark henry but its because of the storyline he gets and his athletic ability if the great khali was 6'9 or even 6'10 he would be a pretty good in the ring in your eyes and you have to admit that, the man has a disease to make him big and not agile and he does his best every night even though it is extremely hard and probably painful for him, that shows great heart and thats why i like him.
    You all have to admit big guys always play a better heel than daniel bryan who is a great heel, and yes i know all big men cant be looked at as great just because they play monsters i just like to look at it as they do the best with their size, because they will never be able to play the role of a technical wrestlers

    so that is why i like big men and as always i would like to here your opinions hon how i could improve in my next post

    and everyone be sure to join my group called the slammers

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