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    He needs to go straight into a program with Dean Ambrose for the US title. Ambrose needs to start distinguishing himself and his character as more than just part of The Shield and this would provide him the perfect opportunity to do so. There needs to be more one on one interplay for DA that doesn't involve The Shield if he wants to be seen as a singles star. Christian is the man to do that and is automatically relevant enough for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Deluxe_08 View Post
    Let me get your thoughts on what you want to see Christian accomplish and succeed in during this run in WWE.

    Right now, my current three goals for him are as follows: Win the MITB, revisit a feud with Randy Orton and win, get a ongoing storyline revolving around the world heavyweight championship, and eventually win the world championship by next year. Christian is an awesome talent who I want to see have a great career in the WWE, and not just be looked upon as Edge's Marty Jannetty. He deserves just as much credit as Jeff Hardy, Edge, Matt, and the Dudleyz get for revolutionizing the tag team division and other programs he has worked with.

    First problem I see is you calling him a Marty Jannetty type of guy. Let me tell you what is wrong with that. Marty Jannetty is ever said on WWE that he was one of the helpers to get Shawn ready or be at least Shawn's friend. Meanwhile, Christian is given enough time and is said to many every time almost that he helped out Edge early on his career. He is also said to be Edge's best friend. Not only that, but Christian was actually used after the split up in the team unlike Marty. Christian was basically the face of ECW in its last months there. He also given a World Title after Edge retired and was in a feud with Randy Orton. Not only that, but he had amazing matches with Randy. That's something you can't say Marty ever got any of that treatment.

    Now the second problem I see in your post is that Christian is supposedly never given credit for the tag division. I'm sorry, but the WWE actually does do this one right and gives credit to all teams back then in the day. WWE also gives a lot of credit to Christian and Edge for those TLC matches the most.

    I now move on from there and give my thoughts on what I see the future being for Christian with his new return. I see that he will be use very often at first. He will then have a feud for one of the mid card titles or be in MiTB and not win it. He will then be dropped down more and more, because WWE doesn't focuses on Christian that much. That is what I see in the future of Christian.

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    Don't recall saying Christian never gets respect for revolutionizing the tag team division. Just saying he deserves it, which doesn't necessarily mean he isn't getting it. Just wanted to clear that up. But I apologize for confusing people and will edit it as well as the Jannetty post. That also gave off the wrong impression.
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    low card no more title reigns, he cant beat big show or mark Henry, or even randy orton, CM bore or even The miz

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    Straight Two Things:

    1. He's not Marty Jannaty (or what ever his spelling is) for simple reason that Christian a multi time singles/tag team champion in WWE
    2. He is always there in WWE records whenever they talked about great tagteams or ladder matches or TLC matches...announcers went on to call him one of the greatest tagteam players of all time...

    In future, as a fan I want to see a Christian Daniel bryan feud and also a christian Cena feud....But, I'll be okay if he's feuding with Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins or Axle and put them over....

    I want WWE to reward him with one last WWE reign before he retires...

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    The new Conquistadors. You know you wanna see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    The new Conquistadors. You know you wanna see it.
    Al Snow as El Leif Casidia a la New Rockers style?

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    I think he could do with beating Del Rio for the title turn heel and feud with a face Ziggler. I would love to see them two in a serious and long feud.
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