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    I would like to hear what Matt Striker is gonna say after this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jethro View Post
    I would like to hear what Matt Striker is gonna say after this.
    he already tweeted about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    he already tweeted about it.
    Owh I mean will Matt spill out the beans about wwe,how they treat him if you will,or he'll remain neutral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    So WWE have decided not to renew Matt Striker's contract.

    This comes as sad news to me. I've always been an avid fan of Striker, all the way through when he was an active talent on the roster in ECW, to his managerial tenure, to his run as a commentator, and even recently as match coordinator of NXT Redemption and backstage interviewer.

    Striker is something that many in WWE isn't; a wrestling fan. This was evident in his commentary.
    At a time when WWE's commentary team could do with a revamp, Striker was both experienced and overqualified if anything to fill the boots of Lawler for example at the table. I thoroughly enjoyed his commentary when he was behind the table in WWECW and on Smackdown.

    And what of his managerial roles? a great mouthpiece for Big Daddy V, and didn't do a thing after that, minus a one night thing with Tyson Kidd when he was looking for a manager.
    I think Striker could have made a great manager for a heel Alex Riley or someone like that.

    I'm disappointed that Striker's been let go while they elect to keep someone like Lawler on as a commentator. I get that Lawler is a HOF'er and gets massive pops each time he's on, but he sucks as a commentator. But Striker offered much more than that. He could have been utilized as a manager for someone in desperate need of a mouthpiece.

    Thoughts on this release?
    I agree wholeheartedly with this. I think Striker could have been a great manager and pairing him up with A-Ry is an excellent idea.

    He could wrestle, he could work the mic and most importantly he was a fan. I actually thought in months past when he was getting picked on that a manager role and stable was maybe right around the corner. With Sandow and Cody maybe.

    Hopefully this is just temporary. But if not hello TNA. I don't think he's done with wrestling altogether.


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