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    Is Sting the link to a TNA/WWE cross promotion?

    When Paul Heyman was recently asked the question about WWE possibly entertaining the idea of a cross promotional event with TNA, Heyman quickly shot the idea down saying that WWE has nothing to gain from it. Not so fast Heyman, WWE actually does have something to gain from it. Its that one big fish that Vince Mcmahon has never hooked; Sting. The column on the news page about Sting never signing with WWE over the recent years because he's so loyal to TNA got me thinking. The only way I could see Sting signing with WWE is if he could be assured that TNA would benefit from it and if TNA gave him their blessing. The answer would be a swap involving Sting for a cross promotional event. TNA would obviously benefit from a cross promotional event because it would give them huge publicity and WWE would finally land the wrestler they have coveted over the past decade. Thoughts?


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