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    Slammiversary vs Payback

    Which company had the better ppv this month?

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    Care to share you opinion on the topic?

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    I still need to see Slammiversary (plan to tomorrow) but I am interested in seeing what people think about this.

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    you post this in a TNA area. what you think the answer will be?

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    I'm not saying Slammiversary wasn't good because it was, but I feel the top two matches didn't deliver. Sting can't go anymore. Cena/Ryback was what thought it would be. Punk/Jericho wasn't quite the classic I thought it would be but maybe my expectations were too high after seeing their other two matches. You put the undercards against each other and those were about dead even. I'm going to give the edge to Payback for the double switch.

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    I enjoyed Slammiversary more aside from the Jay Bradley Sam Shaw match or the TV title mess.

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    Im going with Slammiversary, and I rarely go with TNA

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Slammiversary was good. For me Payback was better. It comes down to who I prefer to watch and a card that has Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, Jericho and Punk is usually going to win, add to that a Divas match that gave the Knockouts a run for their money and the double turn and Payback edges it.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Payback for me was better

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    Slammiversary just looked better compared to most of TNA's ppvs lately.. (actually, Payback goes for WWE too)

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