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    My list is too long. It would be easier if I wrote down who I liked...but I'll give it a go.

    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
    The Shield
    CM Punk
    Wade Barrett
    Antonio Cesaro
    Tyson Kidd
    Big E Langston
    Sin Cara
    Brock Lesnar
    Damien Sandow
    Prime Time Players

    Just to name a few.

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    Ryback: My least favourite superstar. Overhyped and afwul on the mic. Never liked the Feed Me More saga.

    Brodus Clay
    : I'm just feeling his funk.. I think his gimmick is a joke and he looks like a CAW, a 12 year-old has created.

    John Cena: Boring and still gets cheesier every year. Acts like he has been an underdog for not holding a title for a couple of months.

    3MB: Combination of random superstars who don't have anything else to do.

    Jack Swagger: Doesn't matter what gimmick, he'll stay boring. His feuds are reaaaaaally booooring..

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    Dean Ambrose - Needs better selling tactics. Looks like he's hurt but then fine half a second later.

    John Cena - More stale than crackers left in the open air

    Kofi Kingston - Has mid card belt reign to try and keep relevant

    Rey Mysterio - Just give it up Rey


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