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    Wrestlers I don't like haha

    Here is a list of wrestlers I don't like. What are some wrestlers you don't like?

    Alberto Del Rio: He's soo boring, when Dolph won the WHC I was happy. And yet they give him another title run as a heel. It didn't work the first time and most likely won't work this time either.

    Big E: The only thing I don't like about him is his finisher I find it so stupid. He needs a better one.

    Jack Swagger: He's boring too, his feud with ADR was boring at least to me. He came back and didn't have any new moves or anything instead he got a DUI haha

    Brock Lesnar: When he talks I feel like I'm listening to a little kid. And he's not a big and bad wrestler when he was in UFC he got his ass whooped by someone smaller than him. And he's kinda clumsy when Triple H clotheslined him out of the ring he kept falling but I thought it was pretty funny. I do like his finisher but I feel like he needs better moves. I don't know I'll probably get bitched at for posting this one.

    Great Khali: I'm sorry but just fire him all ready I can't stand seeing him in the ring it's just a mess. It really is.

    Anyway I thought this would be a nice thread, something to do and get your opinions. Try not to hate on my list too much haha

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    So are we doing a reverse Fav 5? If so the only one I can say I dislike is Khali, everyone else brings something, but I'll see what I can pull out my arse.

    5) Jinder Mahal
    4) Sheamus
    3) Sin Cara
    2) Rock
    1) Khali

    As I said I only dislike Khali, I just don't give a crap either way about the others.

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    The Miz: I like him on commentary but can't stand to watch a match of his. He has shown the potential to have a solid match, but they seem to be few and far between.

    AJ Lee: I don't like the character. She is very solid in the ring, but I think she is a horrible actress and I find it annoying to watch her trying to remember her line (which is exactly how she came across in last night’s promo).

    Jinder Mahal: I simply can't get behind this guy. I wish he would magically disappear and Sheik Abdul Bashir would show up, have Slater detained, and convince McIntyre to convert to an extremist Muslim.

    Roman Reigns: Not that I don't think the guy has the look and potential but I just don't see him as great as so many other fans do. He isn't the standout star in the group to me as Ambrose is the winner in Mic skills and Rollins is the winner in ring skills. So what does Reigns win at; Loudest screamer?

    Justin Gabriel: I love the guy for his high flying aspect but he has no depth to his character. He and Evan Bourne are interchangeable and because I have seen his work as Matt Sydal, I'll take Bourne over Gabriel for their "potential" character.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    1) Del Rio - Really boring in the ring and on the mic. now that he's champion again i'm dreading having to see and hear him in a main role. Apart from "Destiny" and "Ce", i don't remember anything this guy says and all his matches suck.

    2) Jinder Mahal - This guy has never interested me in any single way. Simple.

    3) Kofi Kingston - too generic, terrible interviews and his in ring abilities are very over rated. Sick of him being given titles every three months for no other purpose but to drop it to the latest "Flavor of the Month".

    4) Jack Swagger - ANY momentum this guy gets, he kills in record time. where does he go from here. i don't know and really don't care

    5) Rey Mysterio - No secret i can't stand this guy. for eleven years he's done less and less in the ring until now all we see two springboards and a couple of hurricanranas. not to mention he never had a memorable promo that didn't involve laying the goody goody suck up to the fans. he gets pushed to the moon and then injures his knee AGAIN. We give out about Cena a lot but Rey has been so shit and so stale this past decade. i could rant forever but i'll stop here

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    Khali ... Big show ... Cena ... Shemus ... Swagger , the thing about the last 3 is they can be a lot better than they actually are especially cena BRING BACK THE DR OF THUGONOMICS

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    I only have one Great Khali just painful watching him.

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    My list is too long. It would be easier if I wrote down who I liked...but I'll give it a go.

    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
    The Shield
    CM Punk
    Wade Barrett
    Antonio Cesaro
    Tyson Kidd
    Big E Langston
    Sin Cara
    Brock Lesnar
    Damien Sandow
    Prime Time Players

    Just to name a few.

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    Ryback: My least favourite superstar. Overhyped and afwul on the mic. Never liked the Feed Me More saga.

    Brodus Clay
    : I'm just feeling his funk.. I think his gimmick is a joke and he looks like a CAW, a 12 year-old has created.

    John Cena: Boring and still gets cheesier every year. Acts like he has been an underdog for not holding a title for a couple of months.

    3MB: Combination of random superstars who don't have anything else to do.

    Jack Swagger: Doesn't matter what gimmick, he'll stay boring. His feuds are reaaaaaally booooring..

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    Dean Ambrose - Needs better selling tactics. Looks like he's hurt but then fine half a second later.

    John Cena - More stale than crackers left in the open air

    Kofi Kingston - Has mid card belt reign to try and keep relevant

    Rey Mysterio - Just give it up Rey

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    John Cena - Same boring stuff. Even Punk has gone from Face, to Heel and to Face again all in the last year, while Cena has had the same act for 8-9 years now.

    Kofi Kingston - Don't get me wrong he's great in the ring, but except for one brief instance of a character years ago against Orton, he's just boring... The Jimmy Snuka of this generation

    HHH - Right now, seems like this whole old guy character that has one fight left in him is dumb since it's been about 6-7 fights now. But usually always liked him before

    Alberto Del Rio - He's better as a Hell then a Face, but I still don't get it, his character just seems so out of place

    Sheamus - Really liked this guy the first few years, but now he just seems like another Cena, to watered down and needs to be edgier

    Wade Barrett - This guy came into WWE like he was on fire, now it seems like no one knows what to do with him


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