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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere View Post
    I respectfully disagree that the pipe bomb was as impressive as this. Dozens of guys could have delivered an anti-establishment promo and take a few cheap shots to WWE. To do what Henry did, to trick even those who doubted him, for us to witness a monster cry, there is possibly no one on the roster that could've evoked such an emotion and such a feeling of shock than what Henry did. "you think it's that easy?? I got a lot left in the tank!!!!" Quote of the century.
    CM Punk, John cena ect dozens of guys could of done that too, so i don't see why you trash the pipe bomb promo for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    I think I'm the only one on earth who saw what Mark Henry was cooking !
    Hey guys, it was Cena in the ring !
    It's always the same things with Cena, acting like an idiot and like a guy who has a 3 weeks memory.
    And with all the rumors after mania that said Cena vs Henry feud.
    This was obvious ! I did not buy anything Henry said
    Then that's your fault for ruining it for yourself then. I thought Mark was going to attack him too, in till he started talking and he made me think that he was really retiring.

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    Didn't Kurt Angle pull that boot routine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Didn't Kurt Angle pull that boot routine?

    No; his account was hacked so he can't be blamed for that

    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    DRG hates everyone

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    I really loved that entire segment. From Henry's speech to the swerve he gave in the end. As someone who watched his entire WWE Career since the beginning, I am especially glad to see the audience giving him the appreciation for all the work he has done in the past. I was expecting the goodbye song being sang but they showed actual respect. If this is his last run, I'm hoping he gets another moment like this, legit.

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    It was pretty awesome, I read the spoilers before I watched it so I knew it was coming but I could see why people would believe it. I would have if I was watching it live. Awesome work by Henry, and he really does deserve a title run. so hopefully he will get one.

    I still think he will retire at WM30.
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    I'm not for sure if it was better than the pipe bomb. I will say that when the "Retirement" speech happened I gave more emotion than I did with the pipe bomb. I have also watched the pipe bomb more than once and it just doesn't interest me anymore. I haven't watched Henry's speech a second time though. I guess what I am saying is it really depends on if the promo is still great the second time to determine which one is the best, IMO. I know his retirement is coming soon and that was why I believed it. Figured with his injuries piling up, that it was the end. There was a part of my mind that thought it was a work because of what he posted on Twitter, but who has ever made a fake retirement speech in order to pull one over on the fans. Might of been done before but I didn't see that coming in a million years.

    Finally, the CLB is back!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJermaineWWE View Post
    I was also crying, but I am very relieved that he didn't retire! I think I had the same reaction as yours. BUT THATSWHATIDO!
    That's what I do! XD Now that was hilarious.

    Finally, the CLB is back!!!

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    I wish he had retired. Besides the Great Khali no one can get away with doing less in the ring than the world's slowest man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay_Allison View Post
    I wish he had retired. Besides the Great Khali no one can get away with doing less in the ring than the world's slowest man.
    What the......!?

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