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    trouble with building new wrestlers

    Think about the latest wave of wrestlers to come up through the professional WWE ranks. Ryback, the Shield, Fandango, Curtis Axel, etc. They all followed a very similar route through their first few months. They either dominated(Ryback, Shield) or won some big matches quickly (Fandango, Axel). Its probably obvious to a lot of people, but instantly pushing someone to the moon hardly ever works. This method has been so over abused that it has really started to hurt new wrestlers rather than help them. What good does a big string of victories do for a new wrestler if someone went through the same stretch of big wins a few months before? I think its time that WWE starts looking into different methods of developing new wrestlers without giving them wins every monday night. One method that comes to mind is the consecutive losing streak. Start a wrestler off by getting demolished his first few weeks. Then he starts to make the matches competitive but still lose. Then have him come so close to winning but just cant seem to pull off the victory. I think after a few weeks, people really might start to get behind in hopes of witnessing his first W. Just wondering if anyone else could muster up some interesting development paths you would like to see.

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    I think that was similar with Cody Rhodes debut on Raw a couple years back. What was it 2007? Then after that he was in a tag team with Hardcore Holly then went to form Legacy with DiBiase. If they where going to do that they should do it with Adrian Neville (PAC). The guy is just amazing to watch in the ring and I think his ring ability alone could get him over.

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    Wasn't Ryback destroying jobbers for months on Superstars then SmackDown.

    They even acknowledged that Axel was repackaged in Heyman's debut promo so he's still recognized as the same person.

    I see nothing wrong with The Shield. They've been the most consistently entertaining thing in pro wrestling.

    Fandango is a problem but he was pushed because of the dance craze.

    I have a problem with WWE wanting to push young stars but at some point in the process they just put it to a hault so an older guy can go over or sacrifice one push for another. PERFECT example is Wade Barrett at Payback & tonight. Loses to Axel to further his push then loses to Christian...because he's returning.

    They could've easily allowed Axel in that title match but have Triple H physically remove him (if you know what I mean) then have Christian return against someone like Jinder Mahal. You keep Wade Barrett's credibility intact, still debut Christian in a squash & further one of the top storylines in the company at the same time...instead...they do none of these things.

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    I like this thread. I completely agree with you. This rarely works, I mean we can even look at Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio back in what, 2010? Sheamus was pushed to the sky only to go on a losing streak when becoming King of the Ring and eventually compete for the US Title. Alberto Del Rio would win his first ever Royal Rumble & MITB Match and he would just collapse.

    Another thing, what is it with this winning streak idea for new superstars? I know they have to get over, but gosh dang they have to lose at somepoint. And I definetly like the idea of a new superstar always losing and eventually getting a win. It would be really cool to see. Reminds me of Kaval in a way.
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    I think the problem is that even though these wrestlers are being pushed as hard as they are, they're nowhere near ready to hold a world title. After they're done feuding with all the top guys, they end up in this weird limbo where it's not their time to be in the World Title hunt yet, but they've already been established as being "too good" for the midcard, so they just float around and have meaningless matches, running over all the "real midcarders" and making them look like jobbers.

    Ryback was pushed to the WWE Championship hunt. He turned heel, feuded with Cena and lost. But more than likely, WWE will have him squash a few midcarders to "get his heat back" and maintain the pretense that he's a big time player despite the fact that they still won't pull the trigger on him.

    Why not bring in a new guy like Bray Wyatt, and actually give the low level faces a push to feud with HIM. Get someone like Alex Riley, and let him team up with a bunch of different allies like the Usos, Zack Ryder, Ted DiBiase, Justin Gabriel, Yoshi Tatsu, Tons of Funk, etc. trying to bring down the Family.

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    They need to slowly build them on the roster guys like Del Rio were pushed straight to the top and there is only one way to go when they get there.

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    It also sends the wrong message to a lot of the midcarders on the roster that turning in great performances and paying their dues won't be rewarded.

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    WWE constantly has a returning star go over an established worker, no matter how lame it makes the latter look, e.g. Misterio over ADR who was in the middle of a nice push at the time. Fans are going to pop for the return no matter who the guy faces, so it seems utterly pointless to have a pushed person take the loss.

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