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    I think his mic skills are starting to get better.

    He's a pretty good power guy in the ring, and not the technical/brawler type. His matches with Cena were pretty decent, imo.

    WWE fucked him over though by sending him on a huge PPV losing streak, and then further turning him heel when he seemed to be over(So they can feed Cena and reportedly 'make him[Cena] a legend'. 3 part process: Beat Rock. Survive Ryback. Potential Match of the year with Daniel Bryan)
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    This Friday on Smackdown, when Ryback escaped the Walls of Jericho and ran to the entrance, he said "I'm injured, I deserve better" like he was crying. That was just pathetic for a heel character. LOL Cryback !!!

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    Ryback needs to beat Chris Jericho. If he loses he'll lose all of his momentum.
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    With what happen on RAW between Ryback & Y2J, Ryback will win at TLC, it's obvious.
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