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    i have a feeling jericho will turn heel and heyman will help him win making him a paul heyman guy and heyman will say hes pissed off with punk for walking out on him

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    Will Heyman screw Punk ?
    No, but Y2J will win

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    I don't think he will but we will see soon.

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    I think Punk will refuse Heymans help and winn clean. He goes back in the ring and shakes hands with Jericho.Heyman is confused. It is then a gradual build up of Punk and Heyman splitting up.Heyman can cost Punk the MITB contract.Night after MITB.Punk has Heyman up for the GTS when Lesnar arrives for the save setting up Punk vs Lesnar at Summerslam.

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    no it will be a Heyman Face Turn, and on raw the next day he will win the championship as Cena turns heel.... (i'm joking). best option story line wise would be to have jericho go heel by having heyman betray punk and help him. not sure what the final outcome would be... i could also see Punk Win, Heyman celebrating in the ring with him, with Axel or Lesnar and then Heyman sick them on Punk.
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    heyman strewpunk leadint the there feud. jericho won't turn. why turn him if he is leaving soon.

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    I wanna see the hayman guys in tge ring together
    as one paul punk brock axel rvd that be sick
    and tgey take over raw Thats good tv
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    I had the feeling that Punk was acting like a face during his match !
    Perhaps that was just because we were in Chicago

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    In a word: No.
    It makes no sense either kayfabe wise or when you factor in what we know about their relationship in real life. I expect Heyman to give a big introduction to the returning Punk and probably start Raw tomorrow proclaim how great his win was/ bemoaning the injustice of his loss.
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    Well, its ON. "Go ahead"

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    Best damn thread PERIOD. Nice one ELNIO.
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    @ELNIOJR love the signature dude

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