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    Site Bugs And Problems During 2013 Remodel! *KEEP ALL INFO HERE!*

    After trying to reply to a message, I got some strange jumbled mess of an error, which now won't let me into my inbox at all..It's effecting the settings link too...

    Trying to get contenttype class id from invalid contenttype '18' on line 533 in /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/types.php
    #0 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/item/contenttype.php(111): vB_Types->getContentTypeClass('18')
    #1 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/item/contenttype.php(100): vB_Item_ContentType->loadTypeInfo()
    #2 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/model.php(302): vB_Item_ContentType->loadInfo()
    #3 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/model.php(438): vB_Model->Load()
    #4 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/collection.php(533): vB_Model->isValid()
    #5 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/collection/contenttype.php(274): vB_Collection->createItem(Array, 1)
    #6 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/collection.php(448): vB_Collection_ContentType->createItem(Array, 1)
    #7 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/model.php(348): vB_Collection->applyLoad(Resource id #40, 1)
    #8 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/model.php(302): vB_Model->loadInfo()
    #9 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/collection.php(408): vB_Model->Load(false)
    #10 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/vb/collection.php(843): vB_Collection->Load()
    #11 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/packages/vbattach/attach.php(291): vB_Collection->valid()
    #12 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/includes/functions_user.php(128): vB_Attachment_Display_Multiple->__construct(Object(vB_Registry))
    #13 /home/ewrestle/public_html/community/private.php(2482): construct_usercp_nav('pm_folder0')
    #14 {main}

    Fatal error: Trying to get contenttype class id from invalid contenttype '18' on line 533 in [path]/vb/types.php in [path]/vb/vb.php on line 286

    Is this just me or are others having the issue too? Either way, I don't think it will last that long and should clear itself up, just making it known.

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    Same issue as seen below


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