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    Aces and Eights Battle Royal.

    I just watched TNA Impact and the battle royal with Mr. Anderson eliminating each member of Aces and Eights to me was one of the more entertaining parts of Impact. I thought the D-Von one was the funniest elimination in the match. But I was also thinking that this match may make TNA lose more viewers, I mean I enjoyed it, but I think more people hated it then loved it. Some might even compare it to the Fingerpoke of Doom on a much smaller scale. But I just found it really entertaining. And the ending could really lead to a Doc face turn, I mean when Doc attacked Anderson the crowd almost exploded. I thought it was entertaining, but what do you guys think of the match. (Well it was more of a segment)

    For those who didn't see it, here's the match.

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    I found the fact that Anderson was pretty much just mocking hogan through the whole thing was funny as hell but I can see why people hated it. I think their making a mistake if their turning Doc face though, it may just be me but he's always seemed like a secondary wrestler, a background character. I'm not sure he'd get over for more then a week or so as a face
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    DOC's offense should've lasted a lot longer in my opinion.
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    I thought it was incredibly funny, and if anyone hated it, then that means Aces & Eights are doing their job as heels correctly.

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    I didn't see the point of it really. If they wanted to tease a DOC face turn they could have had him in a one on one match and after the other interfere, he gets angry cause he knew he could have won on his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I thought it was incredibly funny, and if anyone hated it, then that means Aces & Eights are doing their job as heels correctly.
    Remember, there's good heat and bad heat. Good heat is when you hate the heel so much you want to see him lose. Bad heat is when you hate the heel so much, you don't want to watch it.

    But I did enjoy the Battle Royal. It showed one of the few instances that I can see these guys as a unit. Well, up until Doc. But with that, it did show there is tension within the group, hopefully meaning it'll be over soon.

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    Here's a thought: what if there is no DOC face turn? Maybe they're just teasing a push for DOC within A&8s. The way I saw it is this...
    We saw a segment before the match where A&8s explained the plan and voted on it, while DOC was hesitant he did vote "yay". Then during the match he looked decidedly un-impressed and put up a pathetic resistance to Anderson before being eliminated quite cheaply. Back in the club house he explained that he was just trying to step up and prove himself and he immediately came up with a plan to make amends.

    I've always compared A&8s to Sons of Anarchy (because A&8s started about the same time as SOA's last season was running) and from that point of view a power struggle within the group seems pretty normal. In fact I wouldn't be surprised at all if the face turn (or at least betrayal of the gang) came from Anderson and DOC is just the first to smell a rat.

    As for the match itself, I found it entertaining and struggle to see how anyone could get pissed off. There was no title on the line, they telegraphed it from the get go and it's not as if the outcome of the joke match would have been any different to a "real" match. Anderson was always the man in the BFG series because that's the way it was written.

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    I liked it because it was one of the better comedy skits in TNA recently. I wish that the "magic finger" elimination was actually used on Garrett though because I thought it would have been hilarious to see. The segment was set up to mock Hogan for trying to 1-up the group and divide them (which is did to an extent) but it achieved what it was designed to do; get an A&8 guy in the BFG series. If I could have one thing I would have done different, I would have liked to see D-Lo show up and toss Anderson by surprise and leave DOC in the series as a way to throw a wrench in their plan, but the bit of dissention with A&8's over this made for some interesting television. As said earlier, the Devon elimination was hilarious from the moment Anderson said it to the look on his face when Devon said "You got me!"

    What I am more curious about is why someone would be upset by this? Were we really expecting a group dead set on undermining Hogan to go out and compete in a legit battle royal? If not, then why would a comical showing mixed with a hint of conflict make someone upset by the match as a whole? No points for the BFG series were awarded, there was not title involved; the only difference this match made was who was going to be in the BFG series as an A&8s representative. I think those who have complained are more upset by DOC not being the BFG series than they are by the actual match. I'm all behind DOC and the character he is evolving into, but Anderson in the BFG makes more sense than DOC in my opinion.

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    It was short and served its purpose.

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    I liked it, was funny and showed that aces and eights are all on the same page.....apart from DOC of course. Now people will say " oh but why have him eliminated by Anderson why this why that " Basically TNA are doing this thing where they don't follow the exact steps of a storyline. TNA always get " your copying WCW" but as soon as they do something a little differently people complain about that too.

    Personally I think it's a slow face turn. They had DOC be eliminated so he can build his anger to the point where he is so mad he beats the crap out of the group. DOC didn't turn on Anderson he just looked to surprise him. Do you really think if he was apart of this group he would go and beat the hell out of Anderson ? no he just looked to get a quick elimination thus not actually hurting him to bad. Atleast thats what I took from it.
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