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Thread: I Have To Know

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    I support the title of this thread even though I feel it is very inaccurate.

    Still good on you R(ob).

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    He he he

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    Okay, this is still messing up, can't see past May 31st.

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    i say we blame Bear, Alosick, Broc and Sully

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Slayde is back in control of this match and he slowly picks him up and whips him to the corner. He goes to the opposite corner he charges and connects with another closeline. He connects with a couple blows to the head and then he hits him with multiple shoulder blocks. Jones sits to the corner but Slayde not letting him get some rest he picks him up and places him to the top of the corner. He climbs up and tries to lift Jones for a superplex. Jones is fighting and with a couple shots to the head of Slayde and then with a big headbunt he stops Slayde from hitting him with the superplex. Salyde goes down hard to the canvas and now Jones is standing to the top of the corner. Huge splash from the big man and now both men are down. The fans are cheering loud for Jones now who tries to get on his feet.

    Mason: Splash from the top of the corner from Jones.

    Madison: Great counter from the corner and what a huge splash!

    Mason: Indeed that was huge.

    Jones is up but instead of trying for a submission he exits the ring and now he is looking for a weapon under the ring. Jones pulls out a steel ladder and he sends it back in the ring he goes to get back in but Slayde hits him with a sliding dropkick and Jones back of the head hits on the barricade Slayde picks up the steel ladder and places the ladder to one corner of the ring. He gets out and turns his attention to Jones. He picks him up and whips him to the steel post and Jones goes with his left shoulder hitting first. Slayde is not stopping there and then he picks up and whips him to the steel steps. And again his left shoulder gets the most damage of that attack. Slayde is punishing Jones who grabs his shoulder in pain. Slayde is gonna pick him up and then he sends him back in the ring. He grabs a chair from the ring keepers table, he throws the chair into the ring and then he returns back in the ring. Slayde sends Jones to the steel ladder and then he charges and connects with a running dropkick on the jaw of Jones. He falls down and the chair falls right on top of him. Then Slayde grabs the chair and start smashing Jones with chair shots who is still under the steel ladder. Chair shot after chair shot and Slayde is focusing his attack on the injured left arm.

    Mason: Slayde is trying to break Jone arm.

    Madison: No he is trying to win this match. No dqs he can do what the hell he wants to.

    Slayde drops the chair after several vicious shots. He pulls the chair and places it in the middle of the ring. He picks Jones up and whips him to the ropes big boot on the jaw backs Jones to the ropes and then he bounces of. Slayde catches him and tries for the Dark Veil (Double Underhook Piledriver Kid Kash's Money Maker) on the steel ladder. Jones fights of with lefts and rights stopping Slayde from hitting the Dark Veil. He backs Slayde to the ropes and then whips him to the opposite ropes. Jones goes for a closline but Slayde ducks and bounces to the ropes and comes back to hit Jones with closeline but Jones ducks as well. Slayde misses with the closeline and as he turns his back he gets nailed with the Shit just got real (Stunner). Slayde goes down and its not moving and Jones turns him around and locks the STF submission move on Slayde. Slayde is in terrible position, Jones with all the power he has he tries to submit Slayde who screams in pain.

    Mason: Slayde is not gonna last for long like that. He has to find a way out.

    Madison: Jones was smart he hit his finisher and went straight for the submission.

    Slayde is trying to drag with Jones his back on the ropes. He can't break the hold by grabbing the ropes but he is close and now with his right hand grabs the bottom rope. He is trying to get out of the ring to break the hold and he does saving himself once again. Jones looks pissed and gets to the outside, he picks Slayde up and throws him back in the ring. Slayde smart crawls his way to the corner. Jones is not following him and instead he screams to Slayde to get up and readies himself for a spear. Slayde gets up and turns towards Jones who charges for the spear. Slayde moves out of the way and Jones spears the steel post in the corner with his injured arm. Slayde grabs him from the back and nails him with a belly to back suplex with joins neck actually hitting first on the canvas. Slayde grabs Jones arm and locks the armbar on Jone's injured arm. Jones can't do anything to escape and he taps out after several seconds and the ref calls for the bell.

    Mason: Slayde gets the W and moves to the semifinal becoming the second man who advances along with the IWA world Champ Shaz.

    Madison: Well very well played from Slayde smart and patient he found a way in the end to pick up the win.

    Mason: And what about next week you don't wanna miss next week's no DQs quarterfinals. VHX vs Godric Godson and in the main event the JBW world champ faces T-Thunda. We will see you all next week.

    *The ref raises the hand of Slayde in the air while. Jones is sitting on the ramp grabbing his arm in pain and with a look on disbelief in his face. The cameras return with Slayde who slaps his chest and then climbs the corner and raises his hand in the air for one more time while the cameras fade to black and the Grand Prix logo shows up*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Actually my error has been remedied. It's likely something to do with the server change and/or the updates. IWA and other threads most affected are back to normal. So your problem has it's root elsewhere I'd say
    I have a problem as well i'm missing nine pages of the Grand Prix thread

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    I'm missing nine pages of this thread. Anyways full show is up and sorry for the big delay.

    Favorite Moment:
    Best Match:
    Best Promo:
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved:
    Did you find the results fair?:
    Any Other Constructive Criticism:
    Overall Show Grade:

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    I think a nice orderly bump is due here

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    War Games Match, with the Manager of the Winning Team becomes Raw GM
    Team Eve (Chris Jericho (c), Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Kurt Angle) vs. Team Teddy (Cody Rhodes (c), CM Punk, Tyler Black and John Cena)

    Winner: Team Eve
    Finish: Submission
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Who will be the person who loses the match for their team?

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Tyson Kidd (c) vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Miz

    Winner: Brock
    Finish: Pinfall
    Bonus: Will there be some action taking place in both rings for this match?

    Last Man Standing, Loser Leaves WWE Match for the Number 1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Shane McMahon as Special Guest Referee
    The Rock vs. Dean Ambrose

    Winner: Ambrose
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Will Shane get involved physically?

    WWE Tag Team Championships
    Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) (c) vs. United Kingdom (William Regal and Drew McIntyre)

    Winner: KOW
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Who will be the person who wins the fall?

    Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship
    Christopher Daniels vs. Kenny King vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

    Winner: Daniels
    Interference: YES
    Bonus: Will a foreign weapon be involved in the match?

    Women's Championship
    Lita vs. Paige vs. Nattie Neidhart

    Winner: Lita
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Who will be the Diva NOT involved in the finish?

    Three-on-Three Tag Team
    S.C.U.M. (Kevin Steen, Jimmy Rave and Cliff Compton) vs. The Undertaker, Mr. Anderson and RVD

    Winner: SCUM
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: Yes
    Bonus: Name one person who will be involved in the finish

    Handicap Mixed Tag Team
    The Flock (Raven, Mankind and Maria) vs. Sting and Kaitlyn

    Winner: Flock
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Regardless of whether they're the legal or illegal competitors, will a competitor get physically involved with one from the opposite sex (i.e. will a boy fight a girl or vice versa)?

    Grudge Match
    The Hurricane vs. Roman Reigns

    Winner: Reigns
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Will Christopher Daniels make an appearance during this match?

    Grudge Match
    Brutus Magnus vs. Goldberg

    Winner: Magnus
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No
    Bonus: Where will this match take place on the card?

    ---Extra Bonus Questions---

    Which User Will Pick Up the Most Wins (If there's more than one user who wins in a match, then they each count as one win each, however, if one user controls all the people in a team who wins, that counts as one win. If it's a tie, then all users who are tied count as correct)?

    Answer: No_1eddieFan

    Will there be any debuts/returns?


    How many new champions will be crowned?


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    Another bump. Only a few hours first. Remember, winner gets to pick a Raw/Nitro match.

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