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    awesome pop for diesel, the kids must watch wwe vintage afterall :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainmoonlight View Post
    awesome pop for diesel, the kids must watch wwe vintage afterall :P
    I mostly only heard adults cheering on Diesel.

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    i think the decent pops booker and nash got werent from the kids
    probably from the grown ups who were like 50% of the arena

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    I completly MARKED out when i heard......CAN YOU DIG IT..SUCKAAA and when Kevin Nash walked out aka Diesel. Huge pops for both guys. I honestly thought Kevin Nash got the best pop, alongside Booker T.
    I also marked out when Miz took out Cena!!!
    CM Punk is not impressed with Chris Jericho.

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    My sisters loved Diesel back in the day and after seeing him they were cheering like the old days. But I hope it was a one time gig for him and he gets a cushy job away from the ring.

    Booker T I don't mind seeing back in the ring.

    EDIT: My favorite part about Nash's return was when Striker was saying that's Diesel, Miz goes "who?"

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