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    Zeb Coulter's America

    There has been tons of debate flying lately about the potential fate of Jack Swagger and his recent legal problems...what will happen? Will he be put on suspension? Will Zeb continue to push his views solo? Will Zeb turn his sights on a new "friend" and what will this mean?

    Well last night on RAW he ceratinly seemed to "appreciate/admire" Antonio Cesaro's skills and went on and on about how he came to the country "the right way...." Does this mean what some have suggested that he will add to his stable some new blood that shows how to work the system in the "right" way? I really cannot say at this point but it is interesting to imagine how Cesaro was up against Sin Cara on RAW a unworthy immgrant accroding to Zeb and I can just hear "We the People" spoken in 5 different languages...

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    I miss Swagger ! It's a loss for the WHC at Payback

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    Swagg is boring and a midcarder for life

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    I miss Swagger ! It's a loss for the WHC at Payback
    I have to agree with Jedi here. I miss my Swaggie Time.

    But, pertaining to the original post, I think he shouldn't stay alone. Zeb is a great manager ala Sherri, Heyman, Vickie, but you need someone to protect you. He's a heel. Faces want to punch his face for his views. He can't be alone. That's where Cesaro comes in. As you've stated, he was complimentary to him coming in "the right way" and ahould capitalize on it.

    This could also leave room for Swaggie to come back as a face.

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    I absolutely miss Swagger. I fear the Cesaro addition though. Could overshadow Swagger.

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    Zeb Coulter's America

    So if I am to look past just an appearance on the program, I can see Zeb offering his services to Cesaro and acquiring himself a new client. This brings into question if they are planning on using Zeb in the same role they are currently using Heyman; pure manager to individual wrestlers. It’s a nice idea in my opinion because it brings fond memories of The Heenan family and The Hart Family. There is no one “leader” of the group, nor is there a common association outside of the manager.

    My question is, if this is the direction that the WWE is to take this in, who else would you like to see added in with Coulter? Swagger and Cesaro are a nice start, but what other superstar would make the cut in Zeb Coulter’s America? Team Rhode Scholars would be a nice fit as their viscous nature mixed with the contempt for the common fan has a good blend of where Zeb’s group would be with Swagger and Cesaro. Coulter would not be needed as a mouth piece, but his “ideals” added into a Sandow promo would add quite a bit to his dynamic, in my opinion. My other thought would be to add Ted DiBiase as Coulter could further to his cause by having the Million Dollar Son at his disposal, also benefitting DiBiase by giving him a position with a bit of awareness about it.

    All in all, if this idea would come to pass, I would hope that they were to keep these guys totally separate. No random “Zeb’s America vs. XXX” matches are needed. Just Coulter influencing the direction and decisions of those he surrounds himself with. I think this idea will most likely not come to fruition, especially since a similar stable will arise once the Wyatt Family debuts. But it is always fun to play Keyboard Creative Department and wondered who you guys would include in “Zeb’s America”.

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    It looks like Zeb is looking at adding more talents i think this is leading to adding Ryder to the stable as much as i hate the idea he is growing his hair for some reason.

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    Kind of change in direction from when he talked about real americans.

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    I could see Zeb becoming the manager of the Wyatt family down the road with Swagger joining that group. Any non American wrestler would kill off the we the people story line.

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    Ted, he's a good ol southern boy, so he would fit in with Coulter just fine.
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