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    Nothing is forever in the WWE and I think sooner or later they will want to be singles competitors.

    As far as WM 30 goes I think they will be together and I think they will either have 3 singles matches, each for a title of course, or they will face the most dominate force in the WWE at that time. I am thinking Y2J, Randy Orton (if he is still a face), and Sheamus.

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    Yes? But I could easily see one of those storylines where 2 members get jealous of another and end up turning on that guy kicking him out of the group. If that were to happen, I think Rollins would be the guy kicked out and become a great babyface.

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    i reckon there first loss as a team on smackdown is the beginning of the end, to me rollins seems to lose a lot more than the others so i reckon the other 2 might deem him the weak link and kick him out of the team and become 2 man for a while before reigns turns on ambrose and becomes face and to the main event as he is a big guy which vince will love


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