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    When Kassius Ohno debuts

    With all these guys coming up from NXT you wouldn't expect more to come up, however it was rumored Kassius Ohno wasto be apart of these crop of debuting wrestlers. If he is to come up however....just how exactly would he be used...will he debut as a heel and be apart of the large amount of heels....or will he be used as a face and be in danger of not getting over like Bo Dallas.

    I think I'm going to have to give in to what a large amount of people want, it's time for the kings of wrestling to grace the tag team division. It seems like a good time....the tag team division is improving it seems with the Shield and the wyatt family. Not to mention Antonio cesaro's career doesn't seem to be going any where real quick..apart from downwards.

    So would you debut Ohno is the next few months and if

    Please check out my video where I discuss the subject more and give more ideas for Ohno. Of course you don't have to do this to understand or take part in the thread.

    I wish I was sad and lonely enough to spam hate

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    Cesaro turns face, challenges the Shield, Ohno is his partner.
    Punk comes back as a face in a feud v the Shield, recruits Cesaro and Ohno.

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    Kings of Wrestling would be a great addition to the Tag scene.

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    I highly doubt KOW will happen in WWE. Plus, Ohno needs to be a face when he comes up. He will be huge if WWE doesn't screw it up


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